Thursday, August 18, 2011

yes, im serious

matthew is sleeping much better without his pacifier and even plays in his crib for about 30 min in the morning. but im serious. if after 2 weeks this baby cannot get restful naps, i would hire this lady in a heartbeat.

i cannot handle seeing my baby not get good naps during the day. he is tired all the time and i feel like i am always trying to get him to sleep. he is such a sweet and chill baby. but i just want him to feel good when he is awake! you know? some people might think i stress too much when it comes to his sleep. but really. it is far too important for his development to just give up on it. im determined to do what is best for him. i love him too much to see such tired red eyes all the time. and i cant even imagine the headaches he must have. i know how it feels with lack of sleep. it cant be much better for such a tiny person. anyone reading this. please pray for us. please.

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