Sunday, August 21, 2011

church, cousins, nursing, new friends

so last night my cousin was in from WI. not only is she my super awesome cousin who now refs college basketball and is a writer for a magazine (so proud of that girl) but through the years she has been one of my closest friends. but we went over to my other cousins house who made us salmon for dinner..yummmm and who i just called about some questions with nursing my baby because, well, im having a bit of frustrations with it and i just want to make the best decisions. for right now though, im going to REST REST REST and drink lots of water and eat healthy hearty food so that i can get my milk supply up for this kiddo. anyways. my cousins are pretty great.

well today we went to REAL CHURCH in detroit. I LOVE DETROIT. AHHH it felt soooo good to be in the city. we met in a place called the magic stick. i think its an entertainment venue that they rent out on sundays. so it was interesting to see the "F" word on a poster in my church. haha. but i love that Jesus is worshiped there on Sundays. they had a wonderful message on how to trust the Lord with our finances and that the love of money will never leave us satisfied. and that we so easily are only content for a little while till we can buy the next thing. and so often in our culture the next thing that we buy isnt even with money that we have at the time. anyways. i see that often i can only feel satisfied when i have "something", but it only leaves me happy for a bit. our full joy comes knowing how loved we are by Christ.

i also ran into my sister's old roommate at church. LOVE her. JAMIE, i know you a reading this and you are so pretty and i love you and you are awesome! i remember how Jaime and my sister used to go to Royal Oak on the weekends at night when every one was out at the bars and they would go pray for people and minister and show love to the sad drunk people. love those kids. and we also met a really sweet couple that ended up coming over to our house tonight and we got to chat a bit after they brought us yummy cookies, that i think Jamie made. ;)

oh and mom. if you are reading this, im being super lazy tonight, and yes, i am leaving the dishes in the sink until tomorrow.;)  i think i might be regretting the decision. but after a pretty emotional day with some matthew stuff, im beat to the bed right now. oh and the other thing i regret is that i missed out on the african international festival. it ended today and i found out about it too late. oh dear. oh well.

anyways. whoever reads this. i love you. and we are having some dear friends over tomorrow and i all the way cannot wait to see them.

so here some pics for last night. and the sad thing, is that my cousins who actually hosted last night, i accidentally deleted the picture of them. dang. but picture a beautiful red head with a glass of wine. that would be jenni. ;)

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