Thursday, August 4, 2011

matthew moments

so i dont get sick of looking at a million pictures of matthew. and i have to say, today was one of the best days of being a mom so far. i dont know what it was. but everything went so sweet and good today. he had a little friend over, he was super cuddly, slept great, ate great, hung out all cozy in the sling on a walk outside, tried out some cloth diapers, and LOVED THEM. here are a few pictures of the day.

not the most graceful waking up moment in the morning. but still adorable

but then fed and almost naked. happy boy


just hanging out in the bathroom while mom gets her shower in

getting all cozy before the morning nap
stretches after a nice long nap

ok, nice nap, now FEED ME

aaaand. fed and happy again on his belly. loving his singing lion from daina

matthew's friend, jeb. they had the perfect day together. 
just two weeks apart with the same midwife and they have the best mom friends ever.

 cloth diapers. you are so cute, practical, amazing, comfortable. 
cannot wait till we get our own.

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