Saturday, August 6, 2011

teething and reading

im pretty sure teeting has begun. is being up every hour or so at night, drooling, biting down really hard, gagging when not eating, really fussy, and oh, an outline of  two teeth on the front of the bottom gum, all signs of teething? im pretty sure no other evidence is needed. anyways. time to get my extra mama loving on. it cant feel good.

also, maybe i am totally over thinking this, but i am going to say exactly what happened, no exaggeration. so i started reading a book to matthew before bed. tonight was the second night of it and he was just loving it tonight. the book i was reading him was so adorable called "bunnies and their hobbies." anyways, he was just running his hand down the pages, and would reach and grab a page as i was turning it, completely relaxed, loving it. well, when the book ended, i said "the end" and closed the book. just seconds after putting the book down the kid goes hysterical. like, screaming, flailing his body, tears. TEARS!! what????? i could not get him to calm down at all, he just kept going wild on me. so i just made a guess, sat him back on my lap, opened up the book, and he stopped crying and started making a bunch of trying to calm down sighs. seriously? how could a not even 12 pound 4 month old have such a moment? i dont know. maybe it was coincidence, but it sure was something else.

did i mention that i LOVE LOVE LOVE being a mom?
i seriously am loving it so much. i cant get enough of the little guy.

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