Sunday, January 30, 2011


My brother in-law told me a really funny story of someone he knew that went to someones house, saw a picture of a man and said to the family, "wow. he is so hot." The funny part was that it was a picture of "Jesus." Or at least the modern day image of Jesus.

I thought of this story because recently I have been really thinking about what false images come to mind when I read the bible. For example, when I read about the birth of Jesus in the bible I picture this magical night with lights and snow and perfect harmony. The fact is that Jesus was born in a barn and put in a box where the animals ate out of, and Im sure the story of the flood is totally screwed up in my mind, but the one image that I have always had so messed up is Jesus. Who knows? He may look like the picture of the tall, dark and handsome man with perfect physique or he could be more the description that the bible gives of him. (the bible description is more than likely)

... he had no form or majesty that we
should look at him,
and no beauty that we should desire him. Isaiah 53:2

When my husband reminded me of this verse he really made a good point. He asked, "why then were so many people drawn to him?" The only answer there could be, was the Glory of God that came out through him. This is so consistent with what is said in 1st Corinthians. 

..not many of you were wise according to worldly standards, not many were powerful, not many were of noble birth. But God chose what is foolish in the world to shame the wise; God chose what is weak in the world to shame the strong; God chose what is low and despised in the world, even things that are not, to bring to nothing things that are, so that no human being might boast in the presence of God. 1 Corinthians 1:26-29

God can use anything to bring about his Glory, but it is very significant when God chooses to use the ugly, the hurting, the broken, the nothing, to bring about something great. THEN, there is no other explanation then God's Glory. Even the disciples were described as "unschooled, ordinary men."
Only God could have use a blind, mute, amputee, to tell my husband about Jesus. 
Lets keep looking for the real Jesus in the most unexpected places.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Type of Friends

I wish I could be friends with the four old men from the movie "Return To Me." That is the group of people I would want to hang with on a Friday night.

50 Amazing Things About My Dad (continued)

#48- Running: One of my ongoing memories with my dad is that we love to go running together. It has been years now since this tradition happens whenever we are together. He is an amazing athlete and most every time I say I'm going running he is always wanting to go with me. We have so many great discussions if we are feeling good during the run, or if we are not, we just complain about the food settling wrong, the muscle that feels like a brick, etc. I can't wait to run with him again after my pregnancy.

#47 - Math : My dad is the one in the family known for his incredible brain for numbers. Not one of us received that gift. It is insane. He can tell the probability of me rolling certain numbers in Yahtzee before I can even add half my score. I don't understand how he does it sometimes.

Friday, January 28, 2011


I am not one to brag or try to sound like I am the best person ever, but I can't help bragging about my family because THEY are the best people EVER. I LOVE to brag about my family because they are honestly the most amazing people I know.
Well my dad turns 50 on Monday. I think It is a good time to brag about him. It won't be in one blog but eventually throughout my blogs I want to have 50 memories or just things about my dad as I think of them, not in order of importance.

50 Amazing Things About my Dad. 
#50- Protector of Dreams: I was looking back and thinking about how a dad is a protector, but it doesn't always have to be security protection. My dad is also a protector of dreams. When Michael asked my dad if he could marry me, my dads big reason to say yes had nothing to do with how much money Michael makes or when he would buy me a house. Michael told me that my dad asked him if he would be willing to live overseas ever in his life? My dad said yes to Michael marrying me once he knew that my dream of helping people around the world wouldn't be taken away. So one year later after I married Michael and left to leave the country for a year with him, my dad said to me at the airport, "this isn't sad you are leaving, this is your dream."

#49- Mississippi: In 2006 my dad went with me to Mississippi for a week and we rebuilt homes after Hurricane Katrina hit. It was such an amazing thing to do together. Here is a picture of us in Mississippi.

Its A Choice

I was thinking about it, and I don't really think anyone has to be stuck into the identity of being a worrier. I think it is a choice how we deal with things in our life. I loved this quote I read yesterday because it made me think of my life in so many ways.

" matter what we we're going through - persecution, moving, unstable lifestyles, unanswered questions about the future, political problems, or exhaustion, we are called to a life of prayer and joy."
- A worker with East Asian Peoples-

I want to be one that chooses not to worry but one who chooses prayer and joy instead!! I think that is a better use of my time since worry doesn't add a day to my life.

I wanted to pick a picture that made me think of a worry free life. I figure this one resembles more joy than worry. That would be my sister Emily!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011


So Michael and I just had to laugh after I made our bed because the quantity of pillows we sleep with is perfect evidence that I am for sure 8 months pregnant.

Vacation Mode!

My sister Nicole her husband Eric and her two kids, Zechariah (2) and Emily Jane (newborn) all flew from MI to CA for a vacation with my sister Emily and her husband Jon who live in L.A.

As you can see, the ENTIRE family is in vacation mode this week. Including the children.


Creative Living

I went to cook dinner last night and found some kitchen art my dad created. It made dinner making much more enjoyable.
There is this game I LOVE called banana grams. It is a word game and all it comes with are scrabble like pieces. Michael and I are in complete money saving mode to pay off school loans. This game is $15. A penny saved is a penny earned they say. My parents offered to buy the game, as my family are the biggest game players I have ever met, but instead I decided we should just make it. So last night my dad cut out wooden squares and I have been spending some time sanding to soon write on the letters and add some finishing touches. An extra $15 towards our school loans and our own banana grams. YES! =) Plus, this game will forever hold some sentimental value. I will post the end product soon.


The past three years have been anything but mundane. They have been hard and marvelous. Looking back at some highlights it is crazy that I ever thought I could plan out my life. I was working at a hospital for five years. I then started to date Michael who proposed to me 9 days later, we planned a wedding in 2 months and then left10 months later to travel the world on a mission trip for one year. To do that we sold a car and quit our good paying jobs. We landed in 13 different countries, sleeping in over 50 different places with only our backpacks of possessions, came home, moved from MI to OH, found out we were pregnant right after we came home, and now we moved to the other side of OH to live with my parents. WHEW. needless to say, we are a tad tired and loving every bit of all the surprises. I'm pretty sure, with the pattern of our life so far, the surprises won't stop and so I'm blogging about it. It is nice to read back on things to see what has happened and to remind us of how the surprises and stretching times in our life build our character and lead us down this crazy path. My husband has a quote that he keeps on his desk that says "Your heart is revealed and your character is formed when life does not turn out the way you planned."

So maybe Georgia, Spain, Asia, Ohio, Michigan, and if we end up in Africa, I will laugh because my husband would prefer not to, his character would sure be formed through that change of plans. =) As we throw around ideas of where we may want to go, we are focused right now in Ohio to pay off some school loans, figuring out some school for Mike, and a baby in 8 weeks. There is already exciting things going on here in the Toledo area and I'm so excited to write it all down to remember sleeping in my parents ever so comfortable basement or maybe in a few years, back in hot Asia sleeping on the floor. We have no idea but it is all the beauty of life and we are trying to move forward by being "compelled by love." =) (Good book by the way) Love You All!