Monday, August 15, 2011

well, this is not so bad

well. after putting the pacifier in and out of matthews mouth ALL night long, we decided to just take it away, cold turkey. on top of that, we just decided to take away the swaddle cold turkey too. we started with this mornings naps. i was a nervous mess thinking about doing this. oh. all the crying. our final plan was to let him cry 10 minutes max while i pat his back in the crib and then put him in the sling to calm him down if needed. and keep doing that till he eventually fell asleep in the crib. well. my expectations made me so scared to do this since my kiddo has been depending on all addictive sleep associations. but maybe by picture evidence, it is obvious, that well, it wasnt that bad; so far. well, maybe not being swaddled caused a bit of distraction. but he will figure himself out, i am sure.

i just love seeing him sleep without the pacifier in his mouth. 
i love seeing his entire sweet face.
i am praying for sweet matthew to wake up babbling and happy in the morning,
rather than crying really hard for his pacifier.

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