Friday, September 30, 2011

Travel Day

Ok. So here is the update. Traveling 14 or so hours with Matthew. Was. A. BLAST. Im telling yuh. The plane was his favorite thing. We had so much fun. He is loving California so far and since my sister babysits for her jobs, Matthew is eating up having little babies to hang around. We are shortly going to be heading to the recording studio to see his uncle Jon and then hike a mountain. Checking off some stuff on his bucket list already. He had one for things he wanted to do before he turned ONE. I know. Crazy kid. I know. Have a good weekend everyone.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Tomorrow is the big travel day. 14 plus hours of traveling with just me and a 6 month old. Oh by the way, Matthew is 6 months old today. My stomach is a bit nervous about all of this but I am so excited to travel all at the same time. I just love the airport. I just really hope that the American public does not disappoint me. I pray for people who are not thinking of themselves and don't make Matthew the negative subject of their facebook status after getting off the plane. I pray the American public proves to be a patient group of people that care more about a sweet baby and a mom who is trying really hard rather then thinking they are entitled to only hearing the noise they want to here. I hope people realize that if Matthew is crying, they can just stick their headphones in and maybe pray for a mom that cannot do that and who will probably start crying if even one glare comes her way. Ah. Let us all pray for sweet Matthew's ears to NOT pop and hurt on the way up and down.  THAT would be worse then me getting a few looks. This is about him anyways.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

High and My Phone. Again!

Welp. My phone picked an awesome time to stop working. Right before I do a big travel day alone with Matthew. Yikes. But in about two days I will be seeing my sister. I cannot wait.

The past few days have been great and having some wonderful fellowship with friends has been awesome. But what topped it off was Today......

Today I went to my sister's bible study where we listened to a message from Beth Moore. I know how popular she is and I have never heard her before. DANG. I mean, get it girl. Ok. Well. Anyways. She was talking about how as humans we NEED and desire that feeling of being High. She backed this up in scripture. Who doesn't love exhilaration? But she says when we look for a high other than from Jesus it can get messy and empty. But she is spot on when she said that "there is no high like the Most High." I am witness to this. I mean, there have been times I have been worshiping Jesus and my body literally feels like it is in a different realm and oh does it feel good. That warm, tingle, and pure joy. I have a friend who laughs for hours on end when he is high on Jesus and it is just so wonderful. This high, the kind from Jesus, just draws us closer to him and gives overwhelming peace. It can calm stress and help us focus only on Him and leave us desiring him more and more. And more and more of Jesus is never a bad thing. I know many would call these mountain top experiences with God and I think he desires them for us. When we draw near to him we taste his presence and it is oh so sweet. It is full of revelation and full of joy, purity, and freedom.

I remember one time my sister became so high on Jesus after church, she came home and was in SOOO much peace that she literally could not talk. She COULD NOT talk. She was THAT peaceful. She tried to write out what had happened to her because she could not talk and later told us that God literally just took control of the pen and wrote "God is Good." She was not even going to write that, but somehow that is what came out on paper. God is so Good. Why wouldn't anyone want to taste that? There are so many more moments I could write, but for now, let us just leave with knowing how GOOD God IS!

There IS NO high like THE Most High! Being in the presence of His Glory is overwhelmingly beautiful!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Grudge Holding and the Real Feelings

I believe that one of the major things that holds our hearts in bondage is holding grudges. Both an obvious grudge or silently holding it in our hearts while pretending a relationship with someone. Grudges come from pride; the desire to be right or only caring about the relationship if the other person gravels at our feet looking for forgiveness.

Instead we can choose to be the bigger person and love even if the other person refuses to care.

The past few weeks my sister and I have been a bit snappy with each other and it only seemed to be getting worse. Today it was brought up and we spent a long time getting to the root of it; our insecurities of motherhood, our different ways of making plans that never seemed to work together, the busy things going on in our lives that made us feel certain ways, our lack of communication, and on and on. How when one thing was said to mean one thing it was taken a whole other way. How would we know that without talking it out? How would I know that She is just wanting to spend time with me more? How would she know that when she thought I was seeing what she wasn't doing all I ever think is how super mom she is and cant believe all that she does? When I thought she was inviting me to all this stuff because she felt bad for me, it was really because she had a desire to experience it all with her sister! There was much more but It ended with each other encouraging and loving the other sister.

 I have heard it said that if people are bothering and offending you all the time, it isn't other people that have an issue, but something deep in yourself that needs to be plucked out. Isn't that true? I have found that true with myself so often.

People talk it out. It might get messy at first, but resolve can come. There is often a deeper issue.

Crappy Food Day

I don't know what it is about today but I can't stop eating ice cream, rice, cheese, and whatever foods take your energy away. My belly is feeling mushy and I am feeling sluggish and it makes it so difficult to entertain a baby and to have patience when I feel this way. I think it will be good that I have some company tonight and tomorrow. Maybe it is all the thinking about flying with a baby. Maybe if I just go get out of my sweat pants it will make it all better. Maybe let me just go figure out how to turn this day around!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Moving Fast

Ever since Matthew started to sit up the past few days, he has been growing exponentially. The new stuff he is learning he can do every day is crazy. His awareness and my realization of how dang smart these babies are has also increased rapidly. Let me say, a personality is coming out and boy is it fun. Here are just a few things.

* Matthew is entertained the longest by books even if he is by himself. He is figuring out how to turn the pages. I am thinking about buying him the Sunday paper. I have a feeling he is going to be THAT kind of person. I mean, don't his eyebrows just even make it better?

* Tonight we learned that bath toys are not as cool as slamming his hands down as hard as he can on the water.

* Yesterday he was laying down on his back on the floor and saw Mike eating. So he tried to pull himself up towards Mike with his mouth wide open. Did I mention this kid LOVES food?

* He has discovered that if he kicks the bathroom door, it comes back to him, and if he does it over and over again he thinks it is really funny.

* He belly laughs when he is in the bouncy seat on the table and you hide under the table and pop up at him. He even tries to lean out of his seat to find you. WHAT? He is so grown up. So smart.

* For naps I cuddle him a bit, and then lay him in the crib on his belly and pat his butt or back for a bit. Sometimes, If I stop patting him, he opens his eyes and turns and just stares at me. When I start to pat him again, he will lay his head down and close his eyes. We play that game sometimes and it is pretty cute.

* My favorite as of today. This is the, "oh, wait, I know how to get attention now", side of Matthew. He banged his mouth on a glass baby food jar and then we saw the face where there is the breath holding to let us know a big yell is coming. So Mike picked him up and matthew stuck his face in Mikes chest and just SOBBED. I mean to the point where I started to tear up. Well then Mike got him to calm down and smile for a few. Matthew then reached for me, and when I took him he wrapped his hands around my neck and put his head into me and started sobbing, again. Well of course I kissed him and rubbed his back and head and was like, "oh, my poor baby." Well then he calmed down, looked at Mike and smiled. He then looked at me and repeated the sobbing again while I kissed and hugged him tight. Well he would then look at Mike and smile, then turn back to me with his face in my shoulder and sob again. By this time I am certain he forgot what he was crying about, but he knew how to get cuddles and kisses from mom. Oh boy! Oh boy!

It was daddy son night last night while I went to a wedding. 

 I wouldn't be surprised if he is involved in the stock market behind our backs.

 YAY for hoodie season. Babies in hoodies. Doesn't get much cuter.

Now that he is mostly sitting up my hip gets a little bit of a break.

Can I just give a shout out to the ears on this kid? I LOVE THEM!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Michael's Computer History

I know this is my third post today, but I can't help it. I was looking at my internet history to find a blog that I read. Well, apparently Michael had been on my computer, and I would just like to share a little bit about what he was browsing the internet for. in order.

UFC (of course)
All his fantasy sports teams
Yahoo Sports
local movie theaters
search for "romantic evenings in detroit"
search for "creative date ideas"
search for "punching bags"
search for "relationships and family"
search for "cheap date ideas" ...hahahaha!!!
more fantasy football stuff
words with friends on facebook

sweet guy right there!

Airport Changes and Prayers PLEASE!

A few thoughts on this topic.

            I LOVE airports so much. There is nothing like chilling with your legs up, listening to music, watching people, writing in a journal, resting your eyes while waiting, all while getting ready to travel somewhere new. How exciting.

           NOW, add a baby who was broken from the pacifier. Oh, and is teething (I think).
           ENTER, Airport Changes in exactly seven days.

First of all. Matthew and I will be flying ALONE. Not to Florida like we were planning to see my dear friend get married. We could not afford that trip. Our hearts hurt declining the invitation. BUT, my sister just booked a ticket for Matthew and I to go out to California to see her for TEN DAYS! Wahoo. This my friends is so exciting.

Back to Airport Changes. In order for money to be saved with parties involved I will be spending about 12 hours in an airport or airplane on the way there, WITH a baby. WITHOUT my husband. THIS, my friends, is terrifying and empowering. This may exceed any travel day experience on the world race; though, let us hope not. ENTER, your prayers please. And Thank You.

My peaceful airport days, do whatever I want, roam and be carefree, don't do anything days, are officially over. That is OK. Just may need some support people. I always said I would never stop traveling once I had babies and I am sticking to it. So here I go, in seven days. Yikes!


Yesterday I prayed for friends to live on my street and then my in-laws came over for a few hours to keep me company. God was like "HELLO. DUH!"

Then today a few of Mike's relatives came and kept me company even though I was having a mommy freak out moment session about a medicine I gave Matthew that I ended up wishing I never gave him. Lesson learned.

Later Matthew kept me company while I started to get all our clothes put away now that the dresser is finally finished. WAHOO! What is sweet little guy.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nights and My Old Man

Wow does it get lonely in the evenings with my husband gone. 
I need to get on this and have some friends over. Fast.  
A sleeping baby at 7pm and no car leaves me at home VERY often. 

We often do leave the house on many stroller rides. 
The strange thing as that I leave the house with a baby in my stroller and return with an old man in it.

Hardly even moved a muscle.
That is one chilled out dude right there.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sleeping Legs, Sitting Up, and Entitlement

Earlier, Matthew and I sat outside on the grass with my mother-in-law.
Mathew also sat there, all on his own.
He still timbers after a while, but he is getting close to being left alone while sitting.
Big kid, is what I have to say to that. 

Also, check out these sleeping legs. 
I cannot even handle it. 

Entitlement. That is my next thought. When we were on the world race we learned that we entitle ourselves to so much such as air conditioning, not waiting in line, having a computer, having a home, having a variety of food. Well, yesterday I watched three young children all by myself and learned that I am not even entitled to go to the bathroom when I want to. HOLY COW people, respect parents and don't complain when kids are crying in public or on planes or anywhere. It is harder on the mom and dad. PARENTS WORK SO HARD. I seriously had to wait till the most calm time to pee and I still had to take Matthew in with me so that my nephew wouldn't step on him or my niece try to pull out his nose. So wild is life with children. I remember one time my sister wanted me to stay a little longer just so she could shave her legs. Wow. Gotta love those little blessings.

I am also reminded of this verse today as I find myself a bit whiny.

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; 
for this is the will in Christ Jesus for you. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Heart Change and Other Stuff

There has been a ton of heart changing going on in this house and it makes the house feel a ton more bright.
Also, date nights change around here too.
Who knew the first stop on date night would ever be to buy diapers?

Also, I am not a fan of starting to paint a dresser and not having time to finish it.
I have to paint it in the garage, and well, Mike has been working evenings when I can get it done, and I just cannot leave our little guy in the house all alone to go out and paint. It is not so fun because, well, this is what happens without a dresser, and it is driving me craaaazy!

But this little guy continues to capture our hearts more and more each minute.

My mom took theses adorable pictures when we were in Ohio.

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Car

The car seat is much better these days. 
Most of the time. 
I think he knows I don't just come back there.
The only thing that soothed him while driving home from Ohio 
was a French speaking radio station. 
He instantly calmed when it came on and fell asleep in about a minute.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


There might be a good chance that I have changed the look of my blog a million times in the past few days. I am trying to get it just right. Any suggestions to make it even better would be great. I really would want it to be easy to read and to look at. In the future I am turning it into a book so I really want to make it just right. It sure is a ton of fun.

Matthew and I are back from Ohio and we had a grand time. I have tons of great pictures to come.  Also, keep an eye out for more featured kingdom dreamers. I think that new addition to my blog will be tons of fun. I hope you all had a great weekend.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

kingdom dreamer: brian alonzo

hey everyone. let me introduce my first featured kingdom dreamer, brian alonzo. and there is no one better to start with as he is my good friend and one of the wisdom givers in my life. he actually writes on this page with his electronic typewriter. and may i add that he writes very beautifully about things like foster parenting and how he loves Jesus but hates religion. he might challenge you a ton if you decide to read what he writes on his typewriter.

one of the things he is pretty passionate about is adulthood, and what it looks like to step into that. I asked him to write a bit about part of what it looks like to be a mature, adult christian. and well, this is what I got.


Growing Up Great-FULL

The degree by which we learn to receive from others can at times be in direct opposition to authentic dependency on God.  It is often viewed as the hand of God's provision that serves our needs.  This is most often true.  Our position in Christ does indeed result in a residual overflow of blessings.  Our mistake in the matter is to believe that this is for our sole consumption.
There is by no means a more debilitating posture than that of want.  To expect God to provide is admirable and vital.  To take one's fill and never transition into the extended hand of out-pour towards others is neglect.
There is a season for brokenness and dependency.  It is God's intent to display our inherent need for his presence.  It is also his intent to embed within our hearts, the needs of others. The purpose of this season is to prepare us to become the blessing.  If we fail to advance past a posture of need we miss the mark. 
Our aim is to grow up and give, great-FULL.
In simple terms:
We need to move past the point of always needing things for ourselves.  Eventually, we need to be the ones providing for the needs others.
God wants your dependency on him to be in direct relationship to the needs of those around you, not your own.

Friday, September 16, 2011

it made my life

i decided to come to ohio to see my parents this weekend since we have two cars for the week. at my parents there is always a good you tube to watch. here is what we found yesterday, and it is so worth posting for all to enjoy. it made my life more full.

speaking of old people. my mom turns 48 on monday.
this is what happened.

MOM: Denise! I'm aging now!

DENISE: mom. WHAT? how do you know that?

MOM: someone thought i was 35.

omygoodness. this lady has it made with her not aging skills.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

off and running

ah. today was reaching the light at the end of the tunnel. we are all not so sick anymore. our car is fixed and matthew and i finally got out of the house. someone also generously gave us a running stroller for hardly any money and i went to my first mom's group. i also had my moment when i saw all these older kids being older kids and i spent a good portion of my evening kissing matthew like crazy and crying, just embracing his baby stage and this time in his life when i am the center of his world. this time in his life when i am up in the middle of the night because he wants me, not because i am trying to get him off the computer at 2 am. every day my connection with matthew is growing stronger and stronger and every day he is becoming more independent and i just couldn't stand thinking about the day he is all grown up. matthew and i go on walks all the time, and all i get is "enjoy it now, it goes so fast." ahhh. i don't want it to go so fast. i WILL enjoy every second that i can. i cannot get enough of sweet matthew. until i became a parent i had know idea what it would be like to love a child so deeply. it is better than any other life experience i have ever had. i have said it before, but it is better than going on an african safari, better than any mountain i have climbed, better than skydiving, better than going out at night, better than asia. it is unbelievably amazing.

here are a few pictures of our day today.

 after we stopped at our old job to get the running stroller, 
matthew got to go to the mall and play at moms group.

 and then we went for a run. 
he was so chill the whole time and loved it.
he entertained himself by chewing his foot.

 then we took naps.
i did too. it felt soooo good.
matthew used his new blanket from aunt b.
she just finished making it and we LOVE it.

 then we stopped at my inlaws to pick some strawberries before our walk.
 on our walk we saw my friend stef and we just hugged her and stuff.
and she gave him kisses.

we maybe just might be super happy together!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

ireland caught my second wind

i was just about to get in a deep deep sleep and then matthew woke up. so after i got him back to sleep, i got stuck with a second wind, while still tired. strange. i think it is just awfully hard for me to sleep because i am so sleep deprived. so i am just used to feeling tired. all that to say. i was looking over old pictures from traveling around the world and here are a few from our first place we were. ireland.

 gotta love that man


sandals from matthew's aunt emily and uncle jon

Monday, September 12, 2011

nine eleven

wow. that day never gets old. it is always a day to stop and think and remember and cry a bit.

i remember i was in the cafateria in high school when we lived in New York when someone said some planes hit the pentagon. then i remember coming home and watching it on the news with my mom.

anyways, i was sitting out side last night, sanding down a dresser and listening to worship music, just asking God where is he in all this? I remember a pastor saying that some people think God was judging America for our sins. bull. is what i say to that. he said "God is not a terrorist."  and God already took care of our sins on the cross. anyways. as i was asking God where he was, a song came on that quoted scripture. the part in scripture that says God turns Beauty from Ashes. how appropriate is that. God clearly told me that he is in this day. (yesterday) turning around the ashes into beauty. just look at the remembrance and love that is being poured out on those families that help to bring healing as each day goes by. i cannot even imagine for a second or pretend that i know how it feels. but i know God turns beauty from ashes.

side note on that scripture. also in scripture it talks about how satan was created the most beautiful of all. when he turned against God, God told him he would turn him to ashes. why do you think satan is so jealous of the beauty in each of us, and tries to tell us we are not beautiful. he tries to turn the beautiful into ashes because that is what happened to him. but God later says that he will turn those ashes into beauty. so as satan turned 9-11 into a day of ashes. God promises beauty will become of it. Satan just cannot win. yea. people follow him and his goal to steal, kill, and destroy, but victory comes from knowing Christ because he brings life. here and after..

Sunday, September 11, 2011

sample argument

(i guess there have been a ton of good things to quote. plus i found out that i can turn my blog into a book, so at the end of each year, that is my christmas present. so i am just trying to document more.)

sample argument. the shortened version.

MICHAEL: so what has been going on? because really to be honest. you have actually been mean to me this weekend.

ME: I know that. and honestly. i dont really care. i am nice all the time, and sometimes I just don't care if I mean. right now it is too much work to be nice. and im too tired to try to be nice. so i just dont care.

MICHAEL: I am trying really hard to stay calm here. i just dont like this side of you. i love you, but I have had to put up with a mean wife for two whole days. and i need to address it, because I cannot take having a wife that is mean for more than two days.

ME: WOW. really? you are SO lucky that i am your wife.

MICHAEL: why is that?

ME: because I am sure there are wives that are mean every day. you cannot even take it more than two days. you are lucky i am your wife because i am such a nice person.

MICHAEL: yeah. i know. i picked you because i couldn't handle a mean wife.

ME: aww. thanks. so i wont be mean anymore. but i really just needed to be mean for a couple days. i am done.

MICHAEL: thanks. ok. lets get ready for church.

and that would be the end to our weekend. =) hope yours was as nice as ours.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Michigan Football

ME: So Michigan is your favorite football team. Do you have a second favorite team?


ME: Well what about Michigan state?

MICHAEL: NO. Michigan is my only favorite football team.

ME: but i mean second favorite.

MICHAEL: no. its only Michigan.

ME: so is there any team that you would want to beat Michigan State OTHER THAN Michigan.

MICHAEL: No. I would always want State to win if they were not playing Michigan.

ME: Oh ok. So Michigan State IS your second favorite team.

MICHAEL: NO! Stop trying to prove a point. I DON'T HAVE ANY OTHER FAVORITE TEAMS. My ONLY favorite team is MICHIGAN! NO second favorites or anything.

People. It is serious around here when it comes to Michigan Football.

bent low

i read this blog today here. 

if you can. read it out loud.

"Around here, we live bent low.
Tuesday morning ladies from Masese stream through my front door. We have moved our weekly meeting from the slum of Masese to my living room because I have been up all night with new foster baby and can’t imagine getting all 14 of these little people out of the house. Excited about a change of pace and my sweet friends in my home, I enlist the help of darling Tamara and 13 eager little girls to give these ladies pedicures. We wash and we rub and we paint. I rub lotion into old scarred feet and think of the journeys they have traveled. I whisper thanks for the ways they have blessed me and the things they have taught me, and here in a puddle on the hard tile floor, Joy overflows.
It is on this same cold, smooth tile that I kneel hours later, face inches away from the burn on Makerere’s calf. The stench doesn’t even bother me anymore. And while it looks horrific to outside eyes, I remember what it looked like months ago and ever so slowly, I can see the healing. I can see the healing in the blood red life that spills out as I bandage and in the smiling eyes that tell me stories as I work. Laying on my belly with a surgical blade I scrape out the dead and do my best to preserve the new pink tissue that is starting to form around the edges. He laughs and says, “I have told you now all the stories I have! It must be your turn.” And I tell him a story of a Heavenly King born as a pauper and of a Body broken for me and for him and for each one of us. And I don’t even realize but there are tears on the tile and I sit astonished that messy, inadequate, ungraceful me would get to share such a story.
We sit in the dirt, not worried about the red stains and serve 400 plates of food to sponsored children on Saturday. I look into these faces and remember them nearly 4 years ago, destitute and hopeless and starving. Afraid of my funny white skin. We feed them lunch and we feed them God’s Word and we watch them transform. We feel like family now, no one noticing these skin differences. The suns rays beat down the glory of God and covered in mud and chicken broth I know that this is contentment.
Our family sits on the street corner down town sharing ice cream and laughter. My daughter bends low to offer a homeless man her popsicle and as he cries that no one cares about him she looks straight into his face. “We will be your family,” she asserts, and she means it. We kneel on the pavement and we pray and people stop to look but we hardly notice because we were made for this.
We bend.
I bend to sweep crumbs and I bend to wipe vomit and I bend to pick up little ones and wipe away tears. I bend over a big pot of stew and I bend to fold endless laundry and I bend over math books and spelling sentences and history quiz corrections. And at the end of these days I bend next to the bed and I ask only that I could bend more, bend lower.
Because I serve a Savior who came to be a servant. He lived bent low. And bent down here is where I see His face.
He lived, only to die.
Could I?
Die to self and just break open for love.
This Savior, His one purpose to spend Himself on behalf of messy us. Will I spend myself on behalf of those in front of me?
And people say, “Don’t you get tired?” and yes, I do. But I’m face to face with Jesus in the dirt, and the more I bend the harder and better and fuller this life gets. And sure, we are tired, but oh we are happy. Because bent down low is where we find fullness of Joy.

Praying for you as you bend today for whoever is in front of you. He will meet you there."

-katie davis. missionary in uganda.-


super dad

 holding a very congested, sleeping baby while studying AND watching football. 
i am very impressed
the kid is passed out now. 
probably because he can breath better this way. 


today. in a nutshell. mike has so much school work to catch up on because he has been helping us out. i am still not feeling good and matthew had an awful early wake up and now he is hysterically tired and has not napped yet and it is almost noon. seriously feel so bad for him. the dishes are piled in the sink and the laundry has yet to be folded. mike has been working so hard to keep it up the best he can while we are sick but he has school stuff due in two days and he is days behind now. and why? WHY did we not check the baby's diaper when he woke up so early? NASTY is what was found, but too late to redeem his sleep. so mike basically put me in a bit of a time out while he is bouncing matthew around in the carrier and it does feel good for just a minute. but i hate feeling chaotic. one thing that i need to work on as a mom is to chill out when things don't go as i hope. i just get so messed up when matthew is messed up for the day, and i just don't always act like the adult and i hate that. and maybe i just need to vent and say, seriously? where does the line draw with all these books about making sure your kid can totally self sooth themselves. i mean? can i expect that out of him on a day like today? to just stick him in his crib after being sick, over tired, stuffy nose, and expect him to just fall asleep like that? i mean, as an adult, on a day like this, I still need my husband to help calm me down and cuddle me to sleep. and matthew is only a sweet little baby. end venting.

im blogging to remind myself that today, too, shall pass. so when another day ends up like this again, i can look back and remember it turns around for the better once again, and that this is just another bumpy day in the life of being a parent. and dear lord, how do people do this with more then one child? i guess one day i will find out for myself.

but it is 11am and i dare not miss out on enjoying this day with my baby, because soon enough he will be a teenager and won't really want as much to do with me as he does now. well. i do proclaim that the boy will always love his mama, just will need me in different ways. 

have a blessed day everyone. because in some small way, we are having a blessed day too.

Friday, September 9, 2011


 (after he corrects my grammar. again)

MICHAEL: maybe homeschooling our children would be good for you too because you would have to learn what they are learning.

DENISE: are you saying I'm stupid?

MICHAEL: no. but i am saying that you could brush up on your English.

pork chops

edit my last post. i know i said that pasta was our staple food and than we were laughing that we said we had pork chops for breakfast. so wanted to say that those were from our in-laws. of course. =) love them.

food stuff

just a few things pertaining to food in this house.

1. mike made pork chops for breakfast.... ???????

2. matthew does not want avocado any more. praise the Lord. those are so expensive. he has moved on to carrots.

3. we are on a very tight budget with all our moving and such. so we have been living off of  79 cent pasta as our staple food. mike is always asking if we can get pop and orange juice. he is always craving drinks other than water. but since we dont need those to survive I always tell him no. well. when i was totally out of it with my asthma, the internet said that orange juice and caffine help to open the airways; according to mike's online searches. so he told me he was going to run out to the store to get stuff i would need to get better. (mike always buys me oj when i am sick) so i found myself drinking pepsi and orange juice. and i found michael doing the same. hmmm. so the convos went like this today.
this morning i find mike drinking orange juice
ME: wow michael. you must love when i get sick. so that you can go buy orange juice.
MICHAEL: well. it doesn't hurt

michael has a can of pepsi for dinner
ME: you must have loved that i needed caffine for my asthma so you could go buy pop.
MICHAEL: it was definitely a bonus.
ME: how much did you buy?
MICHAEL: a twelve pack
            (that is a ton of pop for one girl with asthma. oh dear. my husband is something else)

also. im pretty sure i have not posted matthew's pooping faces yet. so here you go. i think he may have had a little bit too much banana. this is about as personal as it gets for him on here. anything else past this is saved for family only. =) like baby bums. yeah. not for creepy internet eyes. but pooping pictures. AWESOME!!

top 5

ME: am i your favorite girl?

MICHAEL: you are definitely one of my top 5


on the verge of an asthma attack and a rising temperature, my husband demanded that he would go buy formula and he would be on night duty so i could take tylenol and get some sleep. he slept in the living room with the monitor so i wouldn't hear a thing. who knew that 10 hours STRAIGHT of sleep would do it? AMAZING!! And not only that, it was nice to see how much he ate to know how hungry he really was. he for some reason woke up at 8pm, ate 3oz then at 12pm ate 7oz and then slept till morning. he was hungry. and im thinking i might wake him up to feed him twice at 9 and 12 to maybe get that long stretch out of him. we shall see. im still recovering, but this is so much better.

oh and little matthew cannot sit up on his own yet, but he sure is rolling everywhere he wants to be and is even scooting a little bit. it sparked the most when mike came home and he was soooo excited to see him that he started to do the swim on his belly, and once that wasnt getting him anywhere, he started to scoot a bit. he is growing up so fast.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


well im getting the flu. a temp and some nausea. wow is it hard being sick when you are a mom. mike was home this morning and took good care of us. matthew saw me crying at one point and busted out in tears, then didnt leave my side. just looked at me lots with his big compassionate eyes. when i put him in his crib for his nap he just reached back and held my hand which he has never done before. i love him so much but this is hard. one of those days i wish he wasn't up 3 times a night for 30 minutes each. i guess he misses me. we love each other.

 this was this morning, i look way more rough now.
this is what it turned into when i gave up getting him to take one of his naps.
he just wanted to hang with his mama i guess.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

runny noses

matthew and i have runny noses today.
his runny nose is so sad.
and so are his watery eyes.
i think he took like 6 naps today,
all so short because his stuffy nose kept waking him up.
the poor boy was falling asleep everywhere he was so tired.
he was trying so hard to sleep in his bed for the last nap but his nose kept running when he was flat,
so we strapped on the nifty baby carrier and he passed right out once he was upright and slept so good.
we both loved it.

for being a sick day, this one was great.
it was cold and rainy all day,
we turned the heat on,
and snuggled.
he snuggled so well.
it really ended up being a sweet day,
of reading books, crocheting, watching the food network, and loving each other.
he was really living it up.

im a softy for sick days; probably because my mom was.
ill have to watch out for my kids faking being sick to stay home from school,
because sick days will be the best at this house,
i can promise that.

oh. and this is the cutest childrens book ever.
we totally busted this one out today.
the illustrations are the best of any children's book i have read.