Tuesday, August 9, 2011


i always felt like deep down i was an artist. i never really knew how much i really was until i became a mom. i think every mom is an artist. you are constantly creating. creating an environment that is perfect for your baby. creating new ways to sooth and love. i feel like i am constantly writing new words to old tunes. some days i feel like i only did finger painting and other days feel like i created a master piece. both artwork.

motherhood is one of the most beautiful things ever.

i feel like i am a mom who is constantly trying out new things for matthew. i try to keep him as flexible as possible while at the same time giving him a sense of predictability of what is coming next. one thing i really try to keep him used to is sleeping in a sling every once in a while so that he can nap on an outing. my friend is letting me use this adorable, perfect, simple sling. it is my favorite so far. matthew has lots of room in it and it is the most hands free i have felt with a sling. oh. and she made it by the way. did i mention that motherhood is art? look at how precious and perfect matthew is. he makes me want more babies. ;)

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