Thursday, August 4, 2011

bye bye paci

well, not quite yet. it is my tool to wean the night feedings. it helps me know if he is really hungry or not. so once we are down to one night feeding before midnight and he can sleep with at least one arm not swaddled, its GONE. unless on his own he decides not to be addicted to it anymore. we only use it for the car seat and for sleep. and it started out that he would just need it to calm himself before bed and then he would spit it out. he didnt need it in the middle of the night after a feeding. he used to just babble his way to sleep. if he ever woke himself up in the middle of the night with a sneeze or cough, he never needed it. well, now, he shouts for it. SHOUTS. SCREAMS. until i come get it for him. he sneezed this morning at 5:30 and woke up screaming till i gave it to him and then took forever to get back to sleep with me popping it in and out. the kid is getting such awful, intermittent sleep because of it, and he is seriously ALWAYS tired. he never wakes up in the morning rested. its sad. i know it will be for the good for all of us and it should be an interesting few days of it going bye bye. but im looking forward to the days of no pacifier because as we speak he has been up since 5:30 crying for it every ten minutes, then falling back asleep, then it falls out, then he wakes up without it. repeat, repeat. oh me oh my.

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