Sunday, October 30, 2011

Matthew Update

Just had to show off some adorable pictures of Matthew from yesterday. TOO CUTE!

pitiful. right?
I love him chilling with his blanket and a cool rag on his head, watching Pooh I think.

today he is seeping it all away. 
He slept 12 hours last night and it is only 10:45am and he has already almost slept three hours in naps.


Yesterday on my run I got to see all the halloween setups in peoples yards. Some were adorable with little pumpkins and lights with inviting homes for little sweet pooh bears and bunnies to come and get candy. But others, I was appalled, to say the least. I guess when you have a child, things stand out to you way more. There were some yards that made me shiver as the staring eyes of some of these scary scary whatever you want to call them things just laughed evil. I thought this was for the kids. I won't discard the whole holiday, but seriously. Our church is having something WAY better and more fun than trick or treating anyways. I mean, who gets to ride a pony on Halloween? Zion Christian kids do. =)

When we were walking down the street the other day, Michael had me hide Matthew from a few yards. And as I also saw my nephew staring at one of the evil skeletons. As we directed him away, I had to think more and more about how images stick in our kids, in our minds. 

I think about how Matthew recognizes his room, how he knows my face and his dads face, how he recognizes his grandparents he sees once in a while. How he watches a car go by like he remembers watching cars go by before, and I know, without a doubt, these little brains are capturing and storing away images in their minds all day long.

I believe in letting Matthew see the world, meet different kinds of people, experience nature, a good education, and feel loved on like crazy. So as Matthew's parents I believe we have the responsibility to protect his mind. And loving him like crazy means protecting his baby mind from images that he doesn't need to have popping up in his dreams at night, such is evil lawn characters on Halloween, sleezy girls on commercials, scary characters on movies, etc. Our children will experience enough heart ache and times when they are scared of storms, a movie, friends, etc, why not prevent what I can of those images when I can when they are this young, that really have no good purpose in looking at anyway?

Scripture says, "whatever is pure, whatever is noble, whatever is right, think about such things." Those are what i want Matthew to have running through his mind. I want him to think and dream about his parents hugging each other, his favorite food (banana), the puppy he pet, the swing he loved, not the creepy monster, his parents yelling, or the half naked girl on T.V.

My sister and I were talking the other day about how thankful we were for our childhood and all the amazing life experiences we had. We were told a lot growing up that we were "sheltered" because we couldn't watch certain  movies, listen to certain music, and play hours on end of video games (unless we were sick and could play Mario as much as we wanted. Loved Mario). I always laugh because experiencing those things really don't make life any more awesome. I was so thankful my parents protected our minds from those things, and instead filled our minds with love for other races and people groups, with creativity, the outdoors, adventures, lots of play, travel, and to know we could try anything we set our hearts out for. I am so thankful for that and I hope we can do the same for our kids.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Still Sick

Sweet Matthew was up all night being sick and all.
So after he nursed this morning this was all he was interested in. 
So sad to see him too weak to play.
Looks like this weekend we are at home.
Anything for Matthew.
We love him so much!

how cute is it that he fell asleep on the living room chair?
he was too tired to even try to move or fuss when i put him in it.

Friday, October 28, 2011

First Fever

Someone over here has his first fever and so he is just full of cuddles and mellowness. 
We just cuddled in bed till he fell asleep and I just had to hold him. 
My stomach churns seeing my baby sick.


I try really hard to keep it exciting for baby over here. 
 He had fun with the paint for sure. 
Below, is my fun.
CLOTH DIAPERS! I am obsessed.

BumGenius 4.0, I wish I had you sooner.
But better late than never.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Guys

Matthew is a happy guy, but he is the happiest when his dad is home.

hat complete

all complete. all done while thinking of my friend Katie. We used to crochet hats together amongst other things. =) so i love this hat, just a bit big, but it will work.

i found the pattern over here

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Health Steps and a Hat

First off. I am having a bit of trouble. I started to crochet this new style of hat that is so cute, but I only get small chances to work on it. And I am so obsessed with this hat that I have to remind myself there are plenty of things I have to get done while Matthew is sleeping. I have a mound of clean laundry to fold and a mound of dirty laundry to wash and I just cannot get away from finishing this hat. I am just so desperate to wear it. ok. anyways.......

Michael and I beginning to take steps to become a healthier home. Just one step at a time. My little sister told me that in life it is better to try and reach small goals at a time than jump to one big one because if we go back a bit, we only go back a little. So instead of being " I am going to drink tons of water, exercise 5 days a week, only eat these foods, do jumping jacks in the morning, etc.", You just take one at a time, form a habit, and move on. Well I am not just talking about food and exercise over here, but here have been our first small goals that we are close to reaching.

1. Cloth diapers: We are getting half of the total cloth diapers that I would want in my stash on Wednesday. Woohoo. Not only is this so much better for the environment, but, it will save so much money, and the best part, they are super cute and cozy.

2. Chemical Free Cleaning: We are on our way to using no chemicals for cleaning in our house. Dish soap I will keep, but our laundry detergent has no harmful fillers, and pledge, windex, etc, is all out out out. We are using norwex to clean our home, and let me tell you, my family uses it, and it will DRASTICALLY change the way your home feels. Read about it, get it. I cannot stress it enough.

3. Organic Chicken: We are buying red meat on such rare occasions now, but we are investing in organic chicken now. Don't know if you have seen "Food Inc." the documentary, but you should get yourself informed. I know it is more expensive and looks smaller, but the bigger pieces of chicken are just puffed up with hormones, so it is really not any extra nutrition at all. 

4. Vaccines: HOT topic. But we have have pretty much made or decision. Feels good. It is one that I want to feel confidant in for Matthew. Whether you are to vaccinate your child or not, I feel the number one thing is to get yourself informed on BOTH sides of the topic. Also, please inform yourself on the vaccines that Japan has banned due to deaths. We are holding off on our decision on those till the research is finished.

5. Organic for Matthew- We cannot afford to make one big jump to buying all organic food for us, BUT Matthew gets the chance to eat the super yummy stuff. We try our best to let him consume the healthy organic solids and milk from me. YUM!

Now this is in NO WAY judging any other household or parenting decision at all. We all survived off of using orajel (they do not recommend anymore), and antibiotics for anything, and disposable diapers. but we just are trying our best to be informed and once we know something, act on it. 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

PTA and Home Church

So I went to school to be a Physical Therapist Assistant and I did it for a few years before Matthew. I love it so much. I am working on getting my license stuff finished up so I can work a day a week or so, and it is so close to being done. I know it is not worth chucking out money we don't have for another car, but it is times like these when I need to go out and get my fingerprints done during Mike's work hours that it really would be nice. Still not worth it for these rare moments. BUT. Mike has the day off tomorrow so I am hoping they do appointments the day I call. That would be nice. Also, Matthew and I have a doctors appointment tomorrow. I cannot wait to find out how much he is growing. He has a bit of a belly now. =)

And we are pretty set on a home church now! YIPPEE! Mike whispered it to me during church that this was it. We had been there multiple times before the race and before we moved to Ohio and now. And it just so happens that my sister and her husband go there too. We have always loved it before we all started going there. I am excited to get plugged in. I already go to one of the bible studies which freaking rocks my world and have already made some friends from there. Pretty happy about all of it! It is a "mega church" or whatever people will call it, and those big expensive seeming churches, i used to judge, but that is so silly now, and it is a place that is full of the spirit and truth and diversity and compassion and humility. It is not perfect, no church is, but it is our home now. YAY!

Friday, October 21, 2011

One Majorly Long Update

This is a long one. So I will just go by topic. So you can read maybe only what you are interested in reading.

Traveling with Matthew:  Matthew and I had two 14 hour airport and flying travel days and they were SO MUCH FUN! Seriously. I loved every second of it. He loved the airport, the people, the plane. All of it. People all around me were wonderful. I sat next to and around great people. One lady bought me dinner on the plane and others played with Matthew and I passed him around as his charming self would become the center of attention on the plane. I got so much encouragement and Matthew and I bonded like crazy. He hardly cried at all, just made spit bubbles in peoples faces. I love that kid so much.

 California : I really need to get some picture updates, but spending time with my sister was awesome. I was able to see two friends from the World Race. Oh, God Bless them for taking the time. Matthew lounged and slept on a towel at the beach. Rough life. He played with kids because my sister babysits and so we just tagged along. He got to go to the recording studio where Jon was recording. We went to the huge art museum and a beautiful farmers market and shopping center. My sister and I got to go out and be active and play some tennis. It was pretty sweet having friends that JUST moved to L.A. that watched Matthew so my sister and I could go out a bit and drink got drinks and write our bucket lists and talk about our passions. We were blessed in a beautiful home hosted by beautiful people in Orange County. Matthew had so many firsts. It was awesome. I miss my sister, but was so blessed to be there for 10 days.

Matthew Update: The boy is growing like craaazy. He has two teeth now, gives kisses and hugs. Cuddles likes crazy, still eats like crazy, melts my heart every second of the day. oh and sleeps 12 hours a night without waking up for anything. getting him off the night feedings took 3 days and went gently and peacefully. so easy. he was just ready i guess. he has so many new friends and since we have been home we have made sure to have plans almost every day just to keep him challenged and entertained. toys just dont cut it for this kid, he just wants people and things to look at and observe. he loves his mama like woah and loves to cuddle in the morning when mike is still in bed and just melts into mikes warm skin under the covers while smiling away. it is so sweet.

Mike: What would I do without him? he just turned 26 and is rocking this husband and dad thing. Mike and I have been able to reconnect lately and it is so awesome. I guess not having a huge change about to happen for once in our lives has given us a chance to breath and have space to grow our relationship to where it will need to be for now and what is to come. it is awesome. he did great in school and just had week off of studying and starts his next classes on monday. i love that man. and i love that he is a cleaner. seriously. love it. i clean like a maniac but this man just sees what needs to be done and is on it. he is my favorite.

me: Well there is a bunch going on with me. I may have never mentioned this before and i always debated saying it, but i am pretty sure, along with my parents, husband, and sisters (they all let me know) that i probably was struggling with some post par-tum depression. or post traumatic stress disorder? haha. i dont know. but after that sick pregnancy, traumatic labor, and multiple moves, it just made sense that my hormones had no idea what to do after all was said and done. it was insane there for a while and i had all the symptoms to dome degree. BUT. NOW. after seeing a beautiful mentor who took care of my heart, and having time to spend with the Lord and having my family be very honest and supportive, it is done and gone. I am enjoying motherhood so much that it hurts sometimes. i cannot imagine anything different. at all. and i felt this way before matthew was sleeping through the night. ;) i finally feel like the mother that I. I. I was made to be. Not how any other person believes it should be, but what God speaks into my heart everyday in how to mother Matthew. He is POURING, i mean POURING out revelation onto me when it comes to parenting and what he desires for our family now and in the future. I am re-thinking our purpose of what belongs in our home and what does not. I spend my days rejoicing for the freedom he has given me. i just dance with Matthew while I sing loudly to Jesus as matthew rests his head on my shoulder and touches my face, letting me know he agrees. I cannot help but speak boldly and confidently to Matthew (as if he understands) who he is in Christs. That he is a son of the Most High. That he is royalty, that he is given the gift of righteousness, that he has been given the gift to forgive and be forgiven. God has lavished grace upon our home and there is so much to be thankful for and to praise God for. I could go on and on. I am so thankful for what he is doing and how much he loves us.

Anniversary: Yeah 3 YEARS. BEST day. it was so much fun. in so many ways. mike took the day off and we just had a blast. i love him. 3 years with him. crazy. it is just better all the time.

My God Be Praised for letting us live life to the full. And yes, he has blessed us in the material, but I mean, my heart is full. Full of love, peace, and confidence that his blood shed has filled our home with victory. ooooo. AMEN!


so i have not had facebook for 3 months and i have not missed it AT ALL. I just signed on to get some pictures off of it and and spent 15 minutes cruising around on it. omygosh. those 15 minutes i now use for a ton of productiveness. you know how much i get done and how many phone conversations i have now that i dont have facebook? it is incredible. INCREDIBLE. i have not had internet for a week so that is why i have not updated much. it is kinda nice not having the internet. but now i have to go and make up for lost time i spent on facebook. i will admit i am addicted to pintrest; however, that inspires me to go do cool things. adios. time to clean and shower and get ready for bed. i love going to bed now, knowing i wont have to wake up a few hours later. matthew sleeps 12 hours straight now. all the way through. thank you Jesus. thank you Jesus.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


I just put Matthew in his crib for his nap and he is currently playing and babbling and grunting as LOUD as he can. It is hilarious. I love him so much. Speaking of naps, yesterday he just decided he likes to sleep. Out of no where. The second I would step in his room he would put his head on my shoulder and close his eyes without a fuss. For all three naps. Then last night he only woke up to eat once instead of three times and slept from 6:45pm to 7:30am. Today he was fussing on the floor and I picked him up and he just put his head on my shoulder and started to rub his eyes. I walked into his room and he started to fall asleep on my shoulder, I put him down and well, he is playing, but he must love the cuddles and the feeling of a good nap now. I don't know what triggered this, but it is cute. Maybe it is because his teeth cut through and now it isn't so uncomfortable to sleep? I don't know, but it is awesome. I just love snuggling him to sleep. It is so precious.


Matthew and I have been busy the past two weeks and yesterday was our first day to just relax at home.
Let me tell you, the cuddling, kisses, and hugs were off the chart.

yesterday he was so mellow and would just hold his blanket and play with toys so contently for hours. today, matthew just sits there and stares at me like, "uhhhh. are we going to go do something mom?" i guess he rested enough, now its time to go do something exciting. oh the days I wish we had two cars. Oh well. im trying to come up with a way to visit my best friend in NY this fall. oh, how i wish it could happen. anyways. gotta go get a nap in while matthew is sleeping. have a great day all.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I Am Home

Matthew and I are home from California and it was so great and has been fun ever since. I cannot wait to write a real blog about it all, but for now, I am figuring out how to settle my baby who is cutting his first tooth or teeth and getting ready for my husband to come home for his birthday and hanging out with my sister from Ohio who is staying the night. The fun never ends.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Obama. I respect you because you are my president, but your important press conference has made me miss an interview with Jennifer Aniston on Good Morning America, and she is awesome! So thanks. Also, I was thinking about it, and there is a little tiny baby out there who is going to be our president one day. Weird. I mean, a little pooping, milk drinking, spitting up, awkward infant, trying to pick up his or her head is going to be our president. I guess that should challenge us in our we raise and invest in our babies.

Also, don't forget to vote on the right of my page as a Top Baby Blog. It is easy. You just make two clicks on your computer and it makes me feel good about myself. ;) ;) You can do this daily.


I guess when you are in California you meet the craziest people who have the craziest stories who have met the craziest people who know lots of people. It has been pretty fun to meet these people! It is going so good over here and it will be sad to leave on Sunday. But it will be so happy for Matthew and I to see our man. We miss him so much!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Jon's First Diaper Change

Emily: Jon, can you watch Matthew so Denise can go sit at starbucks?

Jon: Sure. But I am not going to change a diaper

Emily: (goes on some rant about how miserable Matthew will be with a full diaper and shows Jon how to change a diaper)

Jon: Ok. Will it be on youtube if I need to know how to do this?



Jon: Denise. Did I put the diaper on right?

Me: Its perfect.

Jon: Oh good. That was my first diaper I ever put on. I wasn't sure because Matthew was giving me a funny look when I was putting it on so I didn't know if it was right.

There are just too many moments that I wish I would have jotted down to remember.  My sister and her husband are hilarious people and it is just too fun to be living in their little one bedroom apartment with them for the week. Also Jon changed his very first diaper ever in his life today. We were so proud of him. He also stayed home after Matthew went to bed so that Emily and I could go play tennis and when Matthew woke up he even fed him a bottle and put him back to sleep.  He still wants to wait 8 years to have children. But we are proud for sure. =) We also went grocery shopping for Jon with the list he wrote out for us.

burgers stuff?
stuff I will eat

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Oasis Church speaker in L.A.: "The world should not enjoy their sin more than a christian enjoys their salvation."

EMILY: Ooo. I like that.

ME: Yeah. That is good. Let us enjoy our salvation right now.


ME: YAAAAY! Grapes and bruschetta!!!

EMILY: Uh. I don't like bruschetta.

ME: Well you can have what YOU want in heaven then.

EMILY: Right...Well, I know everyone complains about it, but I won't mind singing non stop.

hahaha. Oh and let's say. This guy is just preaching truuuuth right now.

"We don't need anymore creepy Christians, we don't need any condemning Christians. we need Christians who have had an authentic experience with Jesus Christ and they are burning inside and bringing light into this world"

"The only difference between addicts and Christians, is that addicts haven't forgotten their first love. Addicts pursuit is always to go back to their first high, their first love. We do all the Christian "stuff" but forget to go back to Jesus, our first love."