Tuesday, August 16, 2011

bike date

so i got to go on a little father-in-law, daughter-in-law date. we went out on his motorcycle. MUCH needed evening out, plus some good quality time with someone very important in my life. good to be making memories over on the murphy side.

anyways, it was so nice to be out on the bike with some good motorcyle music and an ice cream ending.

and i thought about a ton of stuff while i was out there. which was worth noting and remembering. because it was a ton of remembering and good thoughts.

1. the ride made me think of asia, and miss it; however, a harley is way different than a moped. both great.

2. he told me about how beautiful his ride up to northern michigan was; and it made me miss western new york like CRAZY. oh, the fall air and views and huge hills and curvy roads and fall colors. THE best.

3. wow. i forgot how GINORMOUS some of the houses are in some of the detroit suburbs.

4. this makes me think of just being able to get out when i didnt have a baby.

5. oh wait. i am out. and i do have a baby.

6. i REALLY like having a baby and all its sacrifices. 

7. made me think of my friend who used to ride his bike from NY to visit us in MI. some good times; however, we and found dirt roads to go as fast as we could.

8. on the ride we saw some airplanes. it made me really want to go skydiving again.

9. i hope i can go on more rides with my father-in-law this summer.

10. id like to go to asia soon. 24 hours of travel would be very interesting with a child. but, doable. 

11. as much as the ride was making me think of old memories. it also made a new one; which is far more important at the present.

love you dad murphy. =)

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