Monday, August 29, 2011

a new season

first of all, i cannot get enough of matthew. he is so sweet and hilarious and having him is the best thing ever. i love being his mommy. oh and today is mikes first day back to work after three weeks together. not only that he figures he will have about 3 hours worth of college work to do a night, its going to get pretty crazy around here. i miss him already and it has only been 2 hours. also, we have one car, so im stuck at home during the days. time for some creative outings down the street. eee. this should be interesting, but its ok. we have thought about selling my car and getting two cheaper ones. my husband is a bit ashamed to admit this is one of the vehicles i would like to get. check it out. it is from the movie, "love happens". soooo cute.

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