Sunday, August 7, 2011

swaddling, quiet time. music

last night was interesting. i think i got 2 hours of sleep. matthew is now rolling in the crib which means swaddling can be dangerous since he doesnt have his arms to help support him. the problem is, most of the time, matthew cannot sleep not swaddled. he knocks out his paci and then cries for it. over and over again. and if he isnt swaddled he thinks its time for play. he was up three hours last night from like 10-2 just rolling, crying, slap happy, all of it. i had no idea what to do till i just put a quilt on the floor (im currently sleeping on a couch), we slept on it and i held him super close till he fell asleep, off and on for 2 hours. he was then over sleeping with me. i put him back in the crib at 4ish where he continued to roll around the whole thing. wide awake till i fed him at 6:30. we will deal with this situation once i get to the new house this week. till then, i will be improvising every night. so the swaddle is working just part of the time now. not swaddling isnt working at all. oh my. i actually was laughing about it all night and slept during his naps today. it all worked out. haha. this kid never stops switching things up.

the afternoon nap turned into this after an hour of rolling around and breaking out of his swaddle, instead of sleeping. oh my.

so i realize that i spend every second with matthew. or someone is always with him. i lay on the floor and play with him. i kiss him probably every 5 minutes. the only time he isnt with me is when he is sleeping. so i decided in the evenings, or most evenings, matthew needs a little quiet time. so i set him in the bouncy seat in the screened in porch facing outside and turned on worship music for him. he spent a very still, content 40 minutes with Jesus today. it was pretty cute. i didn't interrupt him at all. i think it will be a good thing for him. you can see in the picture below his left hand holding onto the side of the bouncy seat. i think he had it there for a good 30 minutes, just chilling.

oh. and matthew and i make a very good mama and son. 

but we do miss our man. we get to see him on tuesday. in our new home as a family. woohoo.

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