Wednesday, August 31, 2011


ANGELA BICKEL is the huge ONE NINE.  that is right. my baby sister is 19 years old people and she just started her first year of college. Here are 19 reasons Angela is a favorite person of mine.

(no particular order)

1. She is the most creative nail painter.

2. She genuinely loves Jesus and she walks that talk.

3. She is not uncomfortable with silence.

4. I have only heard her put herself down three times in her whole life. She knows who she is in Christ, and that is beautiful.


6. She will go down in my books as the most dramatic hater of a new hair color in her hair EVER. It was sad, but hilarious.

7. I LOVE that Angela is not about being right but about doing the right thing. So many times she will be dead set on doing something, but she is easily willing to do it another way if someone suggests something that might be wiser choice. that is humility right there.

8. The girl got style. She can pull off things that I NEVER could.

9. One of THE most loyal people I know. Never mess with her friends or family people.

10. She loves spending time with loved ones but is totally honest when she needs her alone time. I love that about her.


12. Angela. Well, may just think she is the best driver on the road and no one else knows what they are doing. It is pretty hilarious.

13. if you ever want to just chill and watch a movie. angela is your perfect date.

14. she works hard and she rests hard. great example of both.

15. angela has amazing common sense which helps her learn things really fast.

16. she is one of the best gift givers ever. its nice to have her in the family around Christmas time.

17. she is going to school to be an animal assisted therapist. who even does that? ANGELA!

18. one of the best artists i know. some of her paintings take my breath away.

19. I basically wouldn't want the chica to be any other way. I LOVE YOU SISTER.

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