Friday, August 12, 2011

untucked, and swaddle issue, solved. for now

 this is sooooo my 4.5 month old son its almost silly. 
and i have a feeling it will always be the case with him in his little years. 
and, i love it.

also, i always said id never give my babies a stuffed animal to associate with sleep
i figure id kick myself in the butt later if i ever forgot it on vacation
i cant help it
its the cutest thing ever

 any swaddling issues out there?
example; a baby who sleeps best all cozy but busts out all the time?
the woombie.
its awesome. no dealing with velcro or trying to wrap tight enough.
the woombie zips up and comfortably snaps around babies neck so there is no escape;
however, it is the most comfortable and felexible material so that baby doesnt have to sleep like a mummy but can stretch and move arms around a bit without scratching the face.
it still has the benefits of a real swaddle, but is way more flexible like the womb; hence, the name.
matthew is now loving having room to lay on his side with his arms out a bit, 
but no worries of covers over his face.
moms. get it.
and i suggest starting babies out on it from newborn too, i hear awesomeness about that.
out of like 5,000 reviews online it is  4.5 - 5 out of 5 star.

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