Monday, January 30, 2012

A little Bit of This and That

* Matthew is loving when Mike and I kiss. If we are holding him he pushes our faces together to make us kiss. He is also loving to play peek-a-boo. But he is the one that hides and pops out. He did it to the lady behind us in church. I could hear everyone in the row behind us cracking up during the message while he ducked below the chair and jumped up to squeal. Kids sure have the joy of the Lord.

* Mike is the best husband EVER! For lots of reasons. But today I slept in till about 9 while he took care of Matthew and cleaned the house and did the laundry. Ah! Love him. I needed it since Matthew's teething has me up a bit more at night.

* I cant stop reading. Just in the daytime, I have been reading 2-3 hours. So basically the amount he naps during the day. So each nap I am on the couch with my tea and a book. That doesnt count how much I get done after he goes to bed at 6:45.  Im a binge reader and right now Im on a kick.

* Oh Matthew. I love him more and more each day. I didn't want to put him down for bed tonight. I just held him and sang to him and wanted to hold his little hand forever. But once he pushed me away and lunged to the crib, I let go, walking out not even believing the little child I get to take care of. I couldn't ask God for anything more. He as done beyond what I could ask or imagine. As I held my guys close today and prayed over them and thanked God for them, I couldn't think of anything to ask God for. All I could do was say words of thanksgiving. As I looked at my life, I thought of how it may look from the outside. Small, one income home. In a house we don't even own. I do dishes and laundry and have a routine. yes. a routine. But how can such a small, simple life carry so much joy? I don't know. But it does. From outside eyes we must be boring. But inside our family of three, we know, we know that our joy overflows.

* I read some old posts I wrote back when Matthew was an infant. No doubt I had postpartum. So glad that is all over.

*also, I really think that matthews favorite thing to do is wrap his arms around me, put his head on my shoulder and just rest there while i dance to music. i really think we went 45 minutes yesterday and I had to put him down because I was getting tired. I love it. The second I am holding him and turn on music he is snuggled up to me and ready to enjoy our moment. I LOVE IT!

* So the rest of this week is full of fun plans. Matthew is going to have his first friend stay the night at the end of the week. Cant wait. And we are hoping to get some outside time if the weather warms up a bit.

Here are some great pictures. Oh, Matthew just watching his dad clear out some snow. Boy do they love each other. It also gave me a half an hour to make dinner.

And this song. Oh My! Of all the moments I have in worshiping with other believers, when we sing this song together I can never hold it in. I just love singing this song with many other believers. I love songs of victory. It is about a minute in till it really gets going!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Soon To Be Six

Teeth, that is. Matthew currently has four and Im pretty sure the two next to his top teeth are ready to break through. I can see the white. That explains the excessive use of "mama. mama. mama. mama. moooooom," in the whiniest fashion the past two days. I was wondering what was up and today the problem was discovered. It also explains the super happy baby turned to inconsolable baby in a matter of seconds. Poor guy. He seems to be happy with a bottle full of cold water to rip at that bottle nipple with his gums. It has always been his favorite thing to do when teething, and it still works for these ones. But I must go because I hear little hands pounding the floor coming to me and the whiny tone leading the way. Oh and followed by, "moooom =("

Friday, January 27, 2012


UGH. Do you ever have on of those nights that you completely waste? I just did. I just spent most of my evening on the computer and now I feel so yucky. I could have spent the last two hours crafting, finishing the amazing book Im in the middle of, calling a friend, praying, cooking meals to freeze for the week, cleaning, practicing guitar, or exercising. But no, I just spent two hours doing NOTHING! NOTHING! I am sad this is how I decided to spend my time with my husband gone. So this post is a reminder to NEVER do this again. Yuck! Adios evening. Too bad I will never get you back.

On a happier note. Matthew and I have been out of the house nonstop the past week. And well, I think it has been wonderful, but I also think he needs a day in the comfort of his own home tomorrow. So I think that is just what we will do. Happy weekend!

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Yesterday Matthew and I went to visit my friend Christie and her son while she waits for her second one to arrive. Christie was my first friend I made when I moved here in college. Then today we went to hang out with my friend Dina who had her son an hour after I had Matthew. She takes AMAZING pictures and snapped a few great ones of Matthew today. I cannot wait to show them off. Tonight my friend is coming over for a bit then it is off for a night with a bunch of other moms without our kiddos. It has been a great week and I think it might only get better!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Niece and Nephew

I love these two A TON!
I love to spend lots and lots of quality time with them.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Little Date

Matthew and I had such a great time on our little date today. We went out to Royal Oak for a little bit. First we sat at Goldfish Tea together while he had a snack and I sat back and enjoyed my hot chocolate. Then we headed over to the hospital to visit Michael for his lunch break. Matthew met lots of people and we even saw an old coworker that is so dear to us. Then oh my, on the way home. I tried everything to keep him awake so I could put him in his crib at home. So the ride home turned into Matthew and I talking back and forth to each other in our loudest most obnoxious voices. It was hilarious. We were cracking up and joyfully yelling and shouting and saying "mamamama." I could hear him just giggling like crazy behind me. It was such a nice ending to our little date together. Yay to a second car.

Daddy Love

Matthew has been obsessed with Mike lately. He follows him around like a little puppy and crawl sprints his way to him the second he hears him get up in the morning. I love these two so much and seeing their relationship grow is so fun to watch and they make me laugh a ton. I love being around them.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

When You Can't Use a Stroller

It has been a good Saturday.
We went to visit Matthew's great naunie at rehab and then went on his first sled ride.
Now for a warm dinner.

Friday, January 20, 2012

My Cup Overflows

I just am so overwhelmed by the amount of love overflowing in our home. I cannot even believe it sometimes. The endless supply of kisses I get from my husband and my son. I just couldn't ask for anything more. I would take staying at home with my baby and singing and dancing and chasing him with tons of giggles, over a new wardrobe any day. There is seriously nothing more I could ask for; except more babies please!! ;) Today Matthew came to me while i was singing to him and he crawled up to me and hugged me and put his head on my shoulder for a good 15 minutes while I sang to him. He would randomly lift up and give me a slobbery kiss on my cheek and I just could hardly let the tears stay inside. That he would take a whole 15 minutes (that is long for a 9 month old) out of his playful day to come and hug and kiss me. Following all of that, he decides to just sit in the middle of the kitchen floor and dance to some music I had playing while making dinner. And I just had to stop everything and thank Jesus. Thank Jesus for this boy and for a husband who comes home and pulls him right out of the highchair and is on the floor with him and giving him kisses till he gives him a bath and hands him off to me to nurse before bed. I have a husband who says he just needs a 10 minute break from his school and house stuff to cuddle with me. Who on his days off, does the laundry, goes grocery shopping, vacuums, etc. I just sometimes have to step back and have a reality check. seriously? I am living with two guys that have the biggest hearts and I get to be their lady. They love me like crazy and I am so thankful that Jesus is showing me his love through these two. My cup overflows.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Sometimes I take way too many showers.

Sometimes my husband sees that I am on pinterest and comes over and types "funny" in the search box and we stay up WAY to late laughing hysterically. That was last night and we were not precious people in the morning.

Sometimes I think its cute when Matthew smiles at me when I say no. Sometimes I don't think it is so cute.

Sometimes I eat way too many avocados.

Sometimes I still listen to the Slum dog Millionaire soundtrack.

Sometimes I LOVE to exercise.

Sometimes my husband and I get not much done at night because we talk too much. (lots of the time)

I love having a niece to play dress up with, and to wrap my apron around her to make a little dress and to put her in all my crocheted pieces. Having a son helps me to relive my childhood a bit because we were really active and fearless, but having a niece really lets me relive my childhood, well, because we loved our little dresses and teacups for sure. How precious is my little niece, Emily Jane?!?!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Little Order

Matthew likes to take out things we put away, like folded

in effort to keep a little order in the house, instead of tossing his snacks on the floor, he gets to sit at his cute little table from his great grandma at snack time. Ok, so maybe it is not so much for structure, but more for cuteness.

You Had To Be There

Mike: Wiiiiife! I cant fall asleep.
ME: Try some things to help you.
Mike: I have. I lied down and closed my eyes.
ME: And what else?
Mike: Those are the only things I know to do.
ME: OK? Count sheep.
Mike: What does that mean.
ME: Imagine them jumping over a fence and just count them one by one.
Mike: That is boring.
ME: That is the point.........Fine then. Count Tiggers.
Mike: I can't
ME: Why?
Mike: Because he's the only one.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Just Good

The past few days have just been so good. Last night Matthew and I had dinner with Mikes parents and I got the best homemade salsa ever from my mother-in-law. And today, well was my favorite day so far this year. I don't know what it was. I have a cold, but Michael was home and the day was just perfect. Matthew and I both took 2 long naps. Matthew was just being so sweet and playing and learning new things left and right. He was so affectionate and just adorable. Mike had made the perfect blend of resting, playing with Matthew, doing all the laundry, the grocery shopping with Matthew and hanging out and reading with me. We all shared the yummiest soup for dinner and the day was just cozy, restful, musical, playful, productive, and smooth. I couldn't have asked for a better day.

The Tutu and The Sweater Vest

All Done

Matthew did his first sign language today. "All Done". He copied me twice today in his own little way! So cute.
He is also driving his cars and monster trucks on the floor. Not always on all four wheels, but it is cute to see him rub them back and forth on the floor and up and down our legs. We did a few more master pieces of finger painting today. It has been a relaxing day today. Mike is home home and has been playing with and reading to Matthew all day. He is currently saying "I'm gonna get you" as Matthew crawl sprints away from him while giggling. Did I ever mention how great of a dad he is? I got a cold coming on and it has been so relaxing to have Mike home to wear the boy out. Colds are much easier to have with an older baby than an infant now that he puts himself to sleep and plays by himself.

Next on the agenda. Teach this boy not to go face first down our step into the family room. He hasn't learned that it never really goes well that way.


Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Freestyle Dance Challange

OK! So I have been meaning to write this post for the past six months. And I was just reminded by it when I found this napkin a few days ago.

Yes. This is a list of exercises. It had to be about 6 months ago that my post pardum was really getting to me and I knew I just needed to exercise but I was home alone and Matthew was sleeping and I just couldn't leave to go for a run. Exercising inside is so hard for me so I called up my sister and her husband to give me a list of exercises to do which seemed to motivate me. Well my brother-in-law tossed in near the middle of the list "3min of freestyle dancing." UMMM? OK? Like with no music? Yes. No music. Just freestyle dance. Well, ok then. I laughed and didn't know what was about to happen.

First of all. If you are not a big dancer but like to dance, you probably do OK at a wedding with music and subconsciously you probably copy other dancers moves. That is me. Well, when I got to my 3 minutes of freestyle dance, lets just say it was pretty awkward at first. I didnt have a beat in my head and I didnt know how to dance. But after about 30 seconds of not thinking, I just let it go. OHMYGOSH! Can I just say, FREEDOM! Ok, so after about 30 seconds I decided to just go all out. All of a sudden I found MY pure dance style. No music or other dancers to influence how my body was meant to dance by how I was feeling. At first I was like, ok, so Im glad no one is seeing this, and then I started to crack up. I was dancing and hysterically laughing at the same time at how amazing and silly this was. So I challenge you to find your own moves. And I think you find it alone and in silence with maybe your own laughter added in. It was one of the most liberating feelings in my life. REALLY WAS! hehehe. I feel so awesome I just admitted this, but I want everyone to experience it. Plus, it really was a good workout.

Saturday, January 14, 2012


So Im really big into creativity, play, reading, and learning and I really like to set the mood for such. So obviously, I am really big into forts. As a little girl I remember always wanting to have a bed canopy and begging my mom to let me sleep in the crawl space of the attic with a flashlight so i could stay up all night and write stories with a feather pen like Jo March in "Little Woman." The corner of my living room is bare and I am determined to build the perfect, stable, fort for the open space. I know Matthew probably wont appreciate it right now, but God could only stop me from waiting TWO WHOLE YEARS to build one once he would appreciate it, well because, I want one NOW! Pinterest has been my inspiration and here are few ideas of ones that I will use to create the perfect one for our home.

These really cannot be that hard to do yourself. 
A little thrift shopping and we are good to go. 
And the last picture, well maybe not for the living room. 
But you better believe this will be an element to my kids rooms when they get older. 
Happy Saturday. 
It is noon and Matthew is still on his morning nap, 
but when he wakes up we will be off to play with is cousins for the rest of the day.

Friday, January 13, 2012

I Have a Kid. A KID.

WHAT? It just hit me today. I have an actual kid. A kid. Not an infant. It seems that out of nowhere my little, tiny, scrawny, infant, has turned into a kid.

My baby that survived off of my milk and required bouncing, a clean diaper, and sleep, has in 9 months progressed to the inevitable.......

* standing and holding onto my legs while Im cooking dinner
* calling people with my phone
* no longer eating purees, but gets his own meal ordered when we are out to dinner
* shoving pasta and actual pieces of chicken in his mouth by the fistful
* dropping the rest of the food on the floor when he is done
* instead of napping, standing in his crib and reaching over to pull the curtains down
* turning pages in his books
* knocking down block towers
* crawling over to the DVD player and looking at me to see if I will let him touch it or not (never have so far)
* plucking guitar strings
* screaming and kicking every time I try to change his diaper
* crawling around in the bath
* knowing what "kiss" means
* initiating peek-a-boo
* crawling so fast and hard the floor shakes
* takes a pair of plastic glasses and tries to put them on my face
* knows what it means when i say "daddy is home"
* every night I lay him in bed, he rolls to his side and reaches back his arm, waiting for me to put a blanket over him so he can grab it and hold it tight for a long nights rest.
* whose smile puts butterflies in my stomach

I am letting it sink in.
I love this reality,
that just doesn't feel real all the time.
I actually have a kid. a kid.
I just love it.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

You've Got A Friend In Me

Matthew and his friend from Ohio just couldn't get any cuter.

Just enjoying a snack after some cool weather hiking.

Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus. Spoken Word!

Gosh. This guy said everything so clear, the way I wish I could get it out.


Sometimes I think Matthew sits in his highchair, EATING, from the time he wakes up till nap time. He is a bottomless pit. He was playing with his little buddy the other day that was a few weeks older than him, and Matthew was eating crackers twice as fast as the other little boy. As his friend would eat one puff every few minutes, matthew was double fisting them, sticking 4 in his mouth at a time, reaching over and taking his friends food. My gosh, my boy.

Oh, and 5:30am wake up moved onto a different baby today. Praise the Lord, For us!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Oh. Kids.

Kids are just strange. I mean. Matthew decided his new wake up time is 5:30am. Not 7:am. He is bright eyed, cooing and ready to go the past 2 weeks or so. Some would think that making his bedtime later would make the boy sleep later. Nope. I have been spending the week making his bedtime later and he only fights bed harder and wakes up earlier the later he goes to bed. I think kids are just so strange and sometimes I wish they could talk.

On a not so early in the morning note, Matthew and I had a great time hiking with his little buddy yesterday and a few of my good friends down here in Ohio! And we are ready for another great day before we head home later today. Have a good Wednesday!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Second Car

We have our second car. It is the biggest blessing EVER! EVER! It was such a deal from a great friend and we couldn't even be more thankful. Seriously. I have so many plans of what to do. It feels so awesome that Matthew and I can get out and explore and meet more big people and little people whenever we want. It is a luxury to have a car, so having a second car I feel so overwhelmed. The 2012 adventures have already begun!

Monday, January 9, 2012

My Family Time

I have been in Ohio with my family for the weekend and a few extra days. And this is what family time looks like around here. We don't stop playing but to sleep and go to the bathroom and put a baby down for a nap and maybe get some time outside. This is fun stuff! The best game ever so far. And we play LOTS of games.

Friday, January 6, 2012

New Things

Some new things are going on around here, big and small. They are all pretty exciting.

1. We are getting our second car this weekend. It is on it's way from GA right now. YIPEE!
Life just got way more open.

2. It is going to be almost 50 degrees today. So I will be busting out the running stroller and some shorts today at cranky time.

3. I got a candle from Mikes aunt for Christmas and it is scented, eucalyptus spearmint. My life is changed. I cannot stop smelling it. It is the most relaxing scent and I am so happy it was discovered.

4. Mikes work schedule has changed. He no longer will be getting home at 6 pm. He will be home no later than 3:30pm. This means he gets three hours with Matthew and not 30 minutes. Woah! yay. This starts next week.

5. I finally got involved with something at church and the book study starts in a few weeks. I cannot wait.

6. Matthew is now kissing his stuffed animals. Seriously? melt my heart.

7. We have our first "no" in the house. And he is doing really well with it. I don't want our house to have a million "no's" because it is his home to live in too, but mom and dad still have the final say.

8. Matthew has officially figured out the light switch. He particularly loves the one in his room, which makes nap time sometimes a bit more frustrating since he can see it from his crib and scream at it because he wants to turn the light on and off soooo bad. eeek! Poor guy.

9. My craft stuff is finally organized. I will be posting before and after pictures. I am so proud, and ready to really gear up that sewing machine.

10. 2012 is really good!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

loud babbles

sometimes matthew protests naps. 
and sometimes i love when it goes from screaming to instant loud babble, grunting, and growling.
it is pretty hilarious.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

NOT My Flip Phone

I actually decided to take pictures today that were from my real camera. 
Not my flip phone. 
What a difference. 
So nice!
It did help to have the most handsome little subject!