Wednesday, August 31, 2011


in the past 2 days i have heard news of 3 people who have miscarried their sweet babies. i just cannot imagine. but i pray that God hugs these people so tight. i remember reading a book called "heaven is for real." it was about a 5 year old boy who went to heaven while he was in emergency surgery and ended up being completely healed and saying things about heaven and the bible and events that there was no way he could make up. one being about his parents having miscarried one of the babies. he said to the parents, "i met my sister in heaven." he had no idea his parents ever miscarried and they had no idea they were going to have a girl. but God has that baby and these other three babies in his loving arms, today, right now. i pray for comfort. i know i cannot wait to meet one of my brothers or sisters in heaven one day from when my mom miscarried. well, cuz heaven is for real.

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