Friday, August 12, 2011

its church search time

so, im a bit ready to go to a church and plug in. we have hopped churches for almost 3 years now. i know that we are all one body just a bunch of little communities, but i want to plug in to one little community for now. i dont want this to be about what church I want to go to, or what one has all the right things or the best worship or the best programs or the most entertaining speaker. but i want it to be the church that God asks us to go to. there is a church i randomly came across on the web while we were on the world race, and i was initially drawn to it because it was in the city of detroit and had hope in the revival of detroit. so we will visit that church on sunday. interested to see if God tells us if its the one or not. either way, i bet it will be a blessed time.

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