Wednesday, August 3, 2011

a new season of soothing

so matthew is now to the point that i can lay him in the crib awake and he falls asleep without needing bouncing and walking and patting; sooo nice. but a few times a day he still needs the extra mom touch. and i love it. a feed him right before night bed time and so often he still has a burp in there, i can tell, and so i pick him up and he rests his head on my shoulder and just relaxes. i lay him down after the burps come out. he sometimes still needs mom, but will stay in his crib. he now loves laying independently in his crib while having me stroke between his eyes and sing to him. it is the sweetest thing ever. he often just needs that calming presence to feel safe and secure to drift off to sleep. it has been my favorite time of soothing him so far since being a mom. bouncing was exhausting but ok, but to stand at my sons crib and for him to relax and look up at me feeling so secure while i sing and pray over him is the best feeling in the world.

just a few pictures from today 

such a peanut

"mom, get off the phone already, im so bored. play with me."

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