Friday, August 5, 2011


"We should all be imitateable. At home loving on our men, being kind and patient with our babies, giving, being slow to react, gentle....our littles are watching, our friends are watching, strangers are watching. They are watching how we interact, how we treat others, how we treat them. Are we stressed out? Are we talking down on ourselves? Are we quick to react? Are we entitled? Rude even?

They are watching. And imitating. And being shaped.

We all need to just humble ourselves and recognize why it is we are placed here.

Also, are you someone that is contagious? Do people leave feeling filled up after being with you? Do your babies and your hubby?

I want to be contagious. I want to be imitateable.

What if we all changed. Loved better, were more gracious and understanding, more merciful....and what if our children imitated. And so on. 
We could create an entire movement.

That is inspiring."

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