Thursday, November 29, 2012

Oh So Soon and a Gift

I feel like I am blogging so much recently. But I feel like there is so much anticipation and happenings with the baby coming soon and Christmas season here. And since I have been up later due to heartburn and now some restless leg syndrome, I just have that extra bit of time after Mike is in bed to write.

But oh so soon is this baby coming. I just realized how soon that actually is and than thought about how he has to come into this world. (sigh) I haven't put too much thought into it being busier with Matthew these days, but now that I am thinking about it, oh dear! Ouch! The only way I am OK with doing this is because I get a perfect little life out of the whole thing.

On a less painful note, my husband just bought my Christmas present early (of course) but he kinda had to tell me. And we snuck in a treat for my dad too. Yeah. I actually have been emotional, cuz it is kind of a childhood dream come true. My dad and I are going to see the Woman's USA soccer team play China next weekend. Like, the actual Gold medal Olympic Woman's soccer team. I have played soccer for as long as I can remember and I read book after book about all the players (back in the Mia Hamm days) and I wanted everything to do with the USA ladies. Oh My Gosh. He bought the tickets and we have sweet seats. And I think the best part is that I get to go with my dad. The guy who supported me all the way, one of the best soccer players I have ever known, and who coached even some of my summer teams. He loves the game so much and is a brilliant player and I just am so excited to share it with him. No one else I'd rather go with to be honest. Thanks Mike for our gift. Oh happy lady and her dad over here.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Boys

34.5 weeks!

I feel great. But its that time in pregnancy where I am up way too late because if I lay down all the food from the day creeps up my throat in acid form, so I just wait for it to settle down while I blog, clean, read, and work on Christmas presents for the little ones in my life.
Oh. and yes. less than 6 weeks till I'm due, meaning pretty soon I will have both my boys in my arms.
I know Matthew is going to love his little brother. And Matthew's communication has drastically changed in the last 2 weeks. I mean, this boy says double the amount of words, is starting to say his alphabet, recognizing letters, memorizing his books, trying to count, asking for specific foods by name, oh and so much more. It has been so helpful on both ends. He is loving talking so much, and it is fabulous. He started to walk around, pointing at things and saying, "what's this?"
I think this will help him out so much for when the baby comes so I can better understand his needs. Oh, happy 20 months to him today!

When I had the flu I was so overwhelmed and asked myself why oh why did I ever think I could take care of two kids and that I am totally not ready for the baby to come. Why is it when you are sick you can never foresee recovery? But now that I am better I feel like super mom and can't wait! Woohoo! It's gonna be me and my boys (that includes my husband)

side note: i was on the heart monitor for the baby for 20 minutes and his heart rate is totally normal. But is on the lowest end of normal. Apparently he has no care in the world hanging out in my womb. Oh dear. Is he gonna be a late arrival? It must be pretty relaxing in there. Being warm, naked, and fed through your belly button. what more could a guy ask for?

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

This Season

I was reminded about a few things that come with this winter and Christmas season.

THE FLU: "My dad said he will play with me when he has more egnery (translated: energy)" - Zechariah.

CHOCOLATE: I took Matthew and Zechariah to Tim Hortons yesterday. It was so much fun.
                 ME: " Zechariah. Do you want a grilled cheese sandwich?"
                  Z: " Well no aunt Denise. I don't like cheese anymore"
                 ME: " YOU DONT LIKE CHEESE! Why?
                  Z: "Because I like chocolate now"

PEOPLE: Isn't this season supposed to be about the posture of our hearts toward others? A conversation with my sister and her husband reminded me of that.

                NICOLE: Denise. I saw this woman at the store being walked out in handcuffs.
                DENISE: Oh, shucks.
                NICOLE: It made me so sad. I just wanted to go and give her a hug. I'm sure she did something to deserve every bit of her punishment. But I just wanted to hug her and tell her it is going to be OK that that she can be forgiven. I don't know, it just struck me that there is something so........
                ERIC: .....human about it?
                NICOLE: Yeah, she is an actual person. She made a mistake but she is a human life.

PIE: I asked Matthew the other day what he wanted for breakfast. He responded, "pie". Thank you Thanksgiving! So cute though.

                 MIKE: Oh, it bugs me so much now when all the house cleaning isn't done at night.
                 DENISE: Since when? You never let it bother you.
                 MIKE: Since you are 6 weeks from having a baby and I don't want you to                     think you have to do it all. 
(Yes. I'll keep him)

Happy Christmas Season! Hope the flu passes you by and you enjoy people and chocolate and PIE!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Snow Day

Mike got 3 hours of sleep and I am just getting over the stomach bug and Matthew was so excited about the first snow apparently, that he woke up at 4:30am and never went back to sleep.  But we are not going to let this day defeat us and we have enjoyed listening to Matthew say snow for the first time. And I am just happy we are all home together today enjoying the first snow and to take turns napping. So excited that he gets to enjoy it this year.

AND. Happy Birthday Mom Murphy! You're awesome.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

On the Other Side

My mom is in Africa for 19 days and it is killing me that I just can't pick up my phone and call her right now. I guess I'm seeing what it is like to be on the other end of this whole international travel thing. And I was gone a whole year. Oh dear if my boys decide to do far away travel one day. I'll be so excited for them and I probably won't worry about them much, but I'll sure as heck miss hearing their voices.

Friday, November 23, 2012

In Case of An Emergency

A few years back I remember calling my dad. He answered whispering into the phone. When I asked him where he was, he said he was in church. I told him not to do that and to call me later, but he said he wanted to make sure I was OK. A few months back he answered my phone call while he was trying to prevent a fight from breaking out at a rehab type shelter he works at. And today, after calling him and hearing a windy, choppy, and slightly breathless conversation from my dads end, I finally ask him what the heck he is doing when he tells me he is running on the trails. You know, for a man who cares very little about electronics and would rather read a book, write, and run through the woods, he sure does make for the best contact in case of an immediate emergency.
Oh I Love Him.

Speaking of the homeless. Doesn't this cold weather just make your heart ache for the people who sleep out in this? I remember going to a ministry for the homeless in Detroit and they said that it is sad that so many people just tell the homeless to just go get a job, when often they find that these people have internal head injuries that make it difficult for them to keep a job and they just don't have family and friend back up support. It's sad how it is really not all their choice all the time and they just have to sleep out in this. I just don't know anybody who would choose to sleep outside in the Michigan winter days. I wonder some ways we can help them out in this cold season for those who aren't inside with Christmas Trees and Hot Chocolate.

the morning after

the morning after thanksgiving.
i hear matthew just waking up here at 8:30am after going to bed at 7pm.
and im sitting here with a tub of cool whip and a spoon.
mmm....sleep and eat treats the morning after I suppose.
time to make a warm breakfast and catch up on some good old reading and cuddles with my little guy after all this traveling and fun family time we have had before a whole other Thanksgiving happens at my house tomorrow. family and friends and thanksgiving. what gifts.

Monday, November 19, 2012

A Little Gift and Rambles.

Little Matthew has easily aloud us to almost cut out TV watching for him.  When he used to outplay his toys he would walk around bored and ask for TV. In the last month I have been not letting him unless its dinner prep time and he doesn't get upset about it anymore. He actually doesn't ask for it much anymore till later in the day. But I am loving that ever since we stopped lots of last resort TV watching, he has been so much more creative in his play. So once he gets bored, he mopes around a bit, but soon enough I look over and he is reading, or counting, or stacking pillows on top of each other to tackle, or doing sprints back and forth on the couch. He even got bored with his little golf clubs that he handed one of his to me and just started playing swords with it. So naturally, like he new the game already. Sometimes I guess you have to leave room for boredom for their imagination to go wild........But tomorrow morning, Matthew will be so excited because well my house is a beautiful disaster. Meaning, lots has been going on and we took a wonderful trip to see some racers this weekend that was fabulous. And one of our friends gave Matthew 3 new veggie tale DVD's. He has not really seen one of them before, and I think while I try to make my house look somewhat acceptable, he gets to meet Junior Asparagus on TV and not just from the books. I think he is going to love it. And honestly, its one of few kids shows that doesn't annoy me. I mean, have you seen how hyper some of those shows are? O gosh.
              Anyways, it has been a beautiful weekend with wonderful friends and this week will only get better. A day trip to Lansing to see Matthew's Great Grandparents, and then we get to celebrate two thanksgivings throughout the week. And my dad will be staying with us for the weekend too, while my mom is in Kenya for 19 days.  Oh, here come the rambles. Speaking of my mom, I realized now why maybe my sister's and I don't really worry that much in life. Not only my trust in God, but my parents don't worry much of what I know. For example, my mom is going to Kenya and I have hardly heard her talk at all about malaria, poisonous snakes, contaminated water, you know, what most people think of when going overseas. No, all Ive heard is, "do you think I should wear newer jeans or older ones?",  or "I found the perfect shoes to wear", or, " I asked everyone to pray that I would survive the time change", or "it will be so good to get a haircut before I go." hahahaha. i love her.

and off to bed i go. have a great thanksgiving everyone.

Think Before

Today I was arging a bit because we had "no food" in the house and had to get a bit creative to feed us till I grocery shop tonight. But than I was reminded about the millions who are displaced in Syria right now and those taking shelter from bombs in the middle east. Gosh darn my complaining mouth. Turn that switch off. It's good to think before we decide to arg about our "slow" electronics, rush hour, our jobs we are blessed to have, construction, errands we have to run, not enough money to do what we want, busy lives, or not the best meal we order at the restaurant. I think we are all doing just fine; actually, more than fine.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

32.5 weeks

Getting bigger, more exhausted, but feeling really good and thankful for such a great pregnancy!

Monday, November 12, 2012

What They Said

A few of my favorite things they said lately.

ME: I wonder if our Matthew will have kids one day.
MIKE: Oh. He will.
ME: Well, he doesn't have to. Only if he wants to.
MIKE: No. My sons will Father a Nation!
     --He makes me laugh.

Zechariah: (3.5 yrs old) - Mom. Does Jesus love spiderman?
Nicole: I think you should ask him.
Zechariah: Jesus, do you love spiderman?...............(disappointed tone) MOM. He said NO.
    -- He makes me laugh too.

( I am paraphrasing this next one from a story my sister just told me)

Zechariah: Mom. I want milk.
Nicole: Only when you say "please"
Zechariah: (refuses to say please. So Nicole asks if she can pray for him so he can have the strength to say please and he nods yes. So Nicole prays for him a few times and he still cant say please)
Nicole: You know Zechariah. Satan is tricking you right now. Satan doesn't want you to have good things in life, like milk. So he is tricking you into disobeying Mom and God by not saying the right thing so you can't have the good milk. But Jesus gives you the power to not let Satan trick you anymore.
Zechariah: (makes hands like spider man) ssshhhppewww (what he says when he is going to spiderman web you). Satan, you are trapped in the name of Jesus............Mom, can I have milk please.

Sunday, November 11, 2012


So my church played this really touching video clip about veterans today, and then had everyone stand up who is a veteran. oh my freaking goodness, mess with my pregnant emotions even more. I sure do love those people.

Friday, November 9, 2012


I have seen the Pyramids and camped by the Nile River and just maybe a few other things God stuck in my life to bless me. But I was playing a mix of hockey and golf in my living room at 6:30 am because a certain someone was ready to GO. And that certain someone calls me "MaMa". While the other stuff was a blessing, my little Matthew surpases it all. God's Glory is in all the earth and in all his creation, but he pointed out that his kingdom rests in the little children. So while I wake up to God's kingdom every morning, no matter how sticky and messy and least adventerous to the rest of the world my day may look, I will be endlessly thankful and overwhelemed that I get to be called "MaMa" all day. What a privilege.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

This Morning

I had to wake up before my guys for work this morning. Remember how I kinda whined about the cold, dark, and eerie mornings? Yeah. Well you know what I got from that? A husband who surprised me and got out of bed when I did, started my car, and made me hot chocolate! That was a super relaxing and warm start to the day at 6:30am. Love him.

And Matthew is cutting two teeth. And while I feel very sad for the poor guy, the extra clingy toddler giving me lots of cuddles and hugs and kisses to feel better, well, I just can't get enough of it. It seems even cuter now that he does the wrap his arms around my neck hugs, and doesn't let me go! I love him too!

Friday, November 2, 2012

30.5 Weeks

I have a dear friend who lives out of state that does not let me get away with not posting a belly picture every few weeks. Thankful for her. I'll be happy I have these. So here he is in there. Just under 10 weeks left and LOTS of growing to do!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

New Heart Beat

Nothing like the sound of your next little niece or nephew's heart just beating away.
Litte sister Emily and Jon are gonna be super cute parents. Congrats guys.