Thursday, August 11, 2011


so all is peaceful right now. we are in our first home as a family. just us. it actually feels like we are on vacation because it is just us. i know it wont always feel this way, but as i sit and rest a minute on this perfect day, windows open, i am so thankful. shout out to my sister in law for blessing us with this beautiful home for the time being, for the loving on our baby already by the murphy grandparents and the friends who have helped us out. for my dad to help us move up here. we already got to see my brother in-law from L.A and my sister and her kiddos that are now within, "lets meet up at the park" distance apart. and, stef, thanks for spending the evening with me last night. I LOVE YOU like WOAH!!! anyways. im loving making this place a home for my little family. i cannot wait to keep seeing all my friends and family and enjoy this beautiful weather out and about metro detroit. i feel like ive made so many memories already. so good right now.

uncle jon with matthew

 nicole and lil emily jane

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