Tuesday, August 23, 2011

a beautiful messy day

the last few days have not been awesome really. ive kind of been wanting to just give up as a mom. im a bit confused with what to do with matthew right now with his eating and even sleeping and i just haven't been feeling confidant. but maybe its normal for all moms to feel this way. i just want what is best for him and right now im not feeling like he is getting it. the good thing is that when i was skyping my friend the other day she felt like God wanted to give me the word, "hope".  im going to claim that word. there is hope.

well, in all the emotions my sweet friend showed up at my house on her cute bike at just the perfect time. spent a few with me praying and speaking true things into me. like what a great mom and wife i am. love her. 

then later, one of our favorite couples in the entire universe came over for dinner. we were so blessed. we had so much fun just eating, talking, playing chinese checkers and just encouraging each other in our lives. they are pretty darn cute and one of the most in love couples we know. also matthew was intrigued by the guy in this picture. like, didnt stop staring at him with a very very serious look on his face. it was very hilarious.

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