Wednesday, August 31, 2011

a lazy sneezy kind of day

today started out like hoped. cozy. lots of reading while matthew napped. then my allergies came on me like crazy, just out of no where and i could hardly be in my own skin. AH! it is so hard to not feel well when you have a baby. i didnt want to pick my head up because my nose would just run and i could hardly even see matthew because my eyes were so watery. so we just stayed in bed and i nursed him like every hour it felt like in the afternoon because i felt too awful to try and entertain him. he usually naps in his crib but at one point when i was just letting him nurse, i look down and he was sleeping and had switched to sucking on his thumb. so we cuddled and took a napped together which was probably the best moment of the day. anyways. i am so awful when i am sick and i sure hope this goes away tomorrow.

here is a bit of today in pictures.

and can i just say. i feel like i cannot keep up with this boys eating. he is so hungry. all the time. i nursed him like every 2 hours today, plus an entire banana for breakfast with oatmeal and an entire thing of baby sweet potato and he still took 6 ounces out of a bottle at the end of the day because apparently i didn't have enough and solids were not enough. wow. i really am trying here. i dont know how much more i can do. i sure am trying though.

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