Saturday, August 13, 2011

matthew is worth $10,000 or a baby toy

today i went to my first metro detroit mom to mom sale. there is no messing around when it comes to a metro detroit mom to mom sale. im talking, there were people controlling parking traffic. it was hosted at a school and the place was lined with mom resellers. i went to the big item section where there were tons of strollers, cribs, pack n plays, car seats. metro detroit is known for these which i am so excited about.
i walk in to buy matthew some exciting toy that wont bore him and a mom walks up to me with her about 9 year old daughter.

MOM: "OK. he HAS to be,....well, other than my children.....THE cutest baby ever. the cutest. we would like to hold him."

DAUGHTER: "I LOVE HIS EARS!!" (this is normal for someone to say) i want to hold him first.

MOM: ok. but hold him close.

DAUGHTER: his ears. I just love them. Ok. Ill give you $10,000 for him.

ME: i love him too much.

DAUGHTER: ok fine. Ill give you that toy for him. (much better offer)

ME: (i eye the toy I do want)

MOM: (gives me a major deal on it "because he is so cute")

DAUGHTER: I need to hug him before you go.

Ok. so now i love mom to mom sales. also, a very respectful 12 year old boy offered to carry out matthew's new toy to my car. he also told me that he knew a faster, "secret", way out of the building.
hahaha. I love kids.

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