Friday, September 9, 2011


on the verge of an asthma attack and a rising temperature, my husband demanded that he would go buy formula and he would be on night duty so i could take tylenol and get some sleep. he slept in the living room with the monitor so i wouldn't hear a thing. who knew that 10 hours STRAIGHT of sleep would do it? AMAZING!! And not only that, it was nice to see how much he ate to know how hungry he really was. he for some reason woke up at 8pm, ate 3oz then at 12pm ate 7oz and then slept till morning. he was hungry. and im thinking i might wake him up to feed him twice at 9 and 12 to maybe get that long stretch out of him. we shall see. im still recovering, but this is so much better.

oh and little matthew cannot sit up on his own yet, but he sure is rolling everywhere he wants to be and is even scooting a little bit. it sparked the most when mike came home and he was soooo excited to see him that he started to do the swim on his belly, and once that wasnt getting him anywhere, he started to scoot a bit. he is growing up so fast.

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