Monday, September 12, 2011

nine eleven

wow. that day never gets old. it is always a day to stop and think and remember and cry a bit.

i remember i was in the cafateria in high school when we lived in New York when someone said some planes hit the pentagon. then i remember coming home and watching it on the news with my mom.

anyways, i was sitting out side last night, sanding down a dresser and listening to worship music, just asking God where is he in all this? I remember a pastor saying that some people think God was judging America for our sins. bull. is what i say to that. he said "God is not a terrorist."  and God already took care of our sins on the cross. anyways. as i was asking God where he was, a song came on that quoted scripture. the part in scripture that says God turns Beauty from Ashes. how appropriate is that. God clearly told me that he is in this day. (yesterday) turning around the ashes into beauty. just look at the remembrance and love that is being poured out on those families that help to bring healing as each day goes by. i cannot even imagine for a second or pretend that i know how it feels. but i know God turns beauty from ashes.

side note on that scripture. also in scripture it talks about how satan was created the most beautiful of all. when he turned against God, God told him he would turn him to ashes. why do you think satan is so jealous of the beauty in each of us, and tries to tell us we are not beautiful. he tries to turn the beautiful into ashes because that is what happened to him. but God later says that he will turn those ashes into beauty. so as satan turned 9-11 into a day of ashes. God promises beauty will become of it. Satan just cannot win. yea. people follow him and his goal to steal, kill, and destroy, but victory comes from knowing Christ because he brings life. here and after..

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