Monday, September 26, 2011

Grudge Holding and the Real Feelings

I believe that one of the major things that holds our hearts in bondage is holding grudges. Both an obvious grudge or silently holding it in our hearts while pretending a relationship with someone. Grudges come from pride; the desire to be right or only caring about the relationship if the other person gravels at our feet looking for forgiveness.

Instead we can choose to be the bigger person and love even if the other person refuses to care.

The past few weeks my sister and I have been a bit snappy with each other and it only seemed to be getting worse. Today it was brought up and we spent a long time getting to the root of it; our insecurities of motherhood, our different ways of making plans that never seemed to work together, the busy things going on in our lives that made us feel certain ways, our lack of communication, and on and on. How when one thing was said to mean one thing it was taken a whole other way. How would we know that without talking it out? How would I know that She is just wanting to spend time with me more? How would she know that when she thought I was seeing what she wasn't doing all I ever think is how super mom she is and cant believe all that she does? When I thought she was inviting me to all this stuff because she felt bad for me, it was really because she had a desire to experience it all with her sister! There was much more but It ended with each other encouraging and loving the other sister.

 I have heard it said that if people are bothering and offending you all the time, it isn't other people that have an issue, but something deep in yourself that needs to be plucked out. Isn't that true? I have found that true with myself so often.

People talk it out. It might get messy at first, but resolve can come. There is often a deeper issue.

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  1. mmmm. this is good. your words are good!