Friday, September 9, 2011

food stuff

just a few things pertaining to food in this house.

1. mike made pork chops for breakfast.... ???????

2. matthew does not want avocado any more. praise the Lord. those are so expensive. he has moved on to carrots.

3. we are on a very tight budget with all our moving and such. so we have been living off of  79 cent pasta as our staple food. mike is always asking if we can get pop and orange juice. he is always craving drinks other than water. but since we dont need those to survive I always tell him no. well. when i was totally out of it with my asthma, the internet said that orange juice and caffine help to open the airways; according to mike's online searches. so he told me he was going to run out to the store to get stuff i would need to get better. (mike always buys me oj when i am sick) so i found myself drinking pepsi and orange juice. and i found michael doing the same. hmmm. so the convos went like this today.
this morning i find mike drinking orange juice
ME: wow michael. you must love when i get sick. so that you can go buy orange juice.
MICHAEL: well. it doesn't hurt

michael has a can of pepsi for dinner
ME: you must have loved that i needed caffine for my asthma so you could go buy pop.
MICHAEL: it was definitely a bonus.
ME: how much did you buy?
MICHAEL: a twelve pack
            (that is a ton of pop for one girl with asthma. oh dear. my husband is something else)

also. im pretty sure i have not posted matthew's pooping faces yet. so here you go. i think he may have had a little bit too much banana. this is about as personal as it gets for him on here. anything else past this is saved for family only. =) like baby bums. yeah. not for creepy internet eyes. but pooping pictures. AWESOME!!

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  1. meijer often has dole 100% juice in the frozen concentrate for $1, that's the only juice we get :) I also have started liking 7-up, which used to be 'for upset stomachs' at our house, but now I want it every day! Andrew was like 'you aren't going to become a pop drinker are you!?!) he asked with horror :)