Saturday, September 10, 2011


today. in a nutshell. mike has so much school work to catch up on because he has been helping us out. i am still not feeling good and matthew had an awful early wake up and now he is hysterically tired and has not napped yet and it is almost noon. seriously feel so bad for him. the dishes are piled in the sink and the laundry has yet to be folded. mike has been working so hard to keep it up the best he can while we are sick but he has school stuff due in two days and he is days behind now. and why? WHY did we not check the baby's diaper when he woke up so early? NASTY is what was found, but too late to redeem his sleep. so mike basically put me in a bit of a time out while he is bouncing matthew around in the carrier and it does feel good for just a minute. but i hate feeling chaotic. one thing that i need to work on as a mom is to chill out when things don't go as i hope. i just get so messed up when matthew is messed up for the day, and i just don't always act like the adult and i hate that. and maybe i just need to vent and say, seriously? where does the line draw with all these books about making sure your kid can totally self sooth themselves. i mean? can i expect that out of him on a day like today? to just stick him in his crib after being sick, over tired, stuffy nose, and expect him to just fall asleep like that? i mean, as an adult, on a day like this, I still need my husband to help calm me down and cuddle me to sleep. and matthew is only a sweet little baby. end venting.

im blogging to remind myself that today, too, shall pass. so when another day ends up like this again, i can look back and remember it turns around for the better once again, and that this is just another bumpy day in the life of being a parent. and dear lord, how do people do this with more then one child? i guess one day i will find out for myself.

but it is 11am and i dare not miss out on enjoying this day with my baby, because soon enough he will be a teenager and won't really want as much to do with me as he does now. well. i do proclaim that the boy will always love his mama, just will need me in different ways. 

have a blessed day everyone. because in some small way, we are having a blessed day too.

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