Sunday, September 4, 2011

lots of love

lots of love is what this weekend was full of. we saw dear dear friends all weekend. it just really couldnt get better. matthew was such a little man and full of personality. it was perfect.

here are some of the friends we saw ...

 carissa came in from WI. 
she is one of my dearest friends.
we share so much of the same heart and love for life and certain ways of life.
we use to hang out every Wednesday.
talk, pray, rollerblade, drink hot drinks, run, burn banana bread.
i miss that,
but skype dates so she can sing to matthew will just have to do for now.

 this is leisa.
the, if im being cheesy.
she is an old time friend who also went on the world race,
just left on a different squad than us.
she was in from Chicago.
one of our best memories is when we ended up being in thailand,
at the same time.
no joke. such perfect God timing.
i kinda think matthew also found his first crush when she came to visit.
this beautiful, loud, crazy, gentle, passionate, girl, has my heart.
expect to hear it how it is when you are around her, 
and to smile really big and laugh really hard.

this is my friend heather and her fabulous boyfriend, Doug.
sweeeeeeeeeet couple.
these are people that we will make intention to deepen a friendship with.
lots of laughter with these people.
its full of crazy stories of hilarious and wild life experiences,
heather is one of my most loyal friends.
i love her so much.
i actually was telling her how awesome she is when she was here,
and i started crying.
im sooo sappy.

(insert picture of stefanie and her awesome new man named scott)
totally didnt catch a picture of them before they left,
cuz i was nursing matthew.
but matthew and I got to go to stefanie's church in detroit.
it meant so much to me to be there and see where her heart is,
since she has committed herself there for the time,
and just moved down in the city.
i love her heart, and obedience and bravery to do this move.
i love stefanie,
i cherish her

So on to my guys this weekend. 
im in love.

mike has been working his butt off with work and school,
so to see him just lounge on the couch saturday and watch football,
relaxed me. 
matthew just chilled with him watching football too.
it was the sweetest thing ever.

so matthew is all about spitting his tongue out at people.
it is his way of showing affection,
he always does it with a smile,
and he knows he gets attention by it too. 
it is so cute. 
enjoy the cuteness below.

and this boy is a flirt,
but never have i seen him as flirty as he was today at church,
he was a peach and a ham for the full 2 hours we were there.
he got so much attention it was ridiculous.
he was just eating it all up.


  1. I was so pleasantly surprised to see your little man in the arms of Carissa. :) Looks like you had a great weekend. Matthew is adorable! :) - Kelly

  2. hey I know that Doug guy, he dated Liz very briefly in early IV years!