Wednesday, September 14, 2011

off and running

ah. today was reaching the light at the end of the tunnel. we are all not so sick anymore. our car is fixed and matthew and i finally got out of the house. someone also generously gave us a running stroller for hardly any money and i went to my first mom's group. i also had my moment when i saw all these older kids being older kids and i spent a good portion of my evening kissing matthew like crazy and crying, just embracing his baby stage and this time in his life when i am the center of his world. this time in his life when i am up in the middle of the night because he wants me, not because i am trying to get him off the computer at 2 am. every day my connection with matthew is growing stronger and stronger and every day he is becoming more independent and i just couldn't stand thinking about the day he is all grown up. matthew and i go on walks all the time, and all i get is "enjoy it now, it goes so fast." ahhh. i don't want it to go so fast. i WILL enjoy every second that i can. i cannot get enough of sweet matthew. until i became a parent i had know idea what it would be like to love a child so deeply. it is better than any other life experience i have ever had. i have said it before, but it is better than going on an african safari, better than any mountain i have climbed, better than skydiving, better than going out at night, better than asia. it is unbelievably amazing.

here are a few pictures of our day today.

 after we stopped at our old job to get the running stroller, 
matthew got to go to the mall and play at moms group.

 and then we went for a run. 
he was so chill the whole time and loved it.
he entertained himself by chewing his foot.

 then we took naps.
i did too. it felt soooo good.
matthew used his new blanket from aunt b.
she just finished making it and we LOVE it.

 then we stopped at my inlaws to pick some strawberries before our walk.
 on our walk we saw my friend stef and we just hugged her and stuff.
and she gave him kisses.

we maybe just might be super happy together!

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  1. Love you guys..please give Matthew a big hug for me. Love you dearly!