Sunday, September 11, 2011

sample argument

(i guess there have been a ton of good things to quote. plus i found out that i can turn my blog into a book, so at the end of each year, that is my christmas present. so i am just trying to document more.)

sample argument. the shortened version.

MICHAEL: so what has been going on? because really to be honest. you have actually been mean to me this weekend.

ME: I know that. and honestly. i dont really care. i am nice all the time, and sometimes I just don't care if I mean. right now it is too much work to be nice. and im too tired to try to be nice. so i just dont care.

MICHAEL: I am trying really hard to stay calm here. i just dont like this side of you. i love you, but I have had to put up with a mean wife for two whole days. and i need to address it, because I cannot take having a wife that is mean for more than two days.

ME: WOW. really? you are SO lucky that i am your wife.

MICHAEL: why is that?

ME: because I am sure there are wives that are mean every day. you cannot even take it more than two days. you are lucky i am your wife because i am such a nice person.

MICHAEL: yeah. i know. i picked you because i couldn't handle a mean wife.

ME: aww. thanks. so i wont be mean anymore. but i really just needed to be mean for a couple days. i am done.

MICHAEL: thanks. ok. lets get ready for church.

and that would be the end to our weekend. =) hope yours was as nice as ours.


  1. wow, that was quickly resolved!! good job guys :)

  2. also- we'd still like to have you guys over to dinner sometime... are you still on facebook? I couldn't find you.. let me know what day(s) you guys are available if you'd want to!

  3. anne. yes. we must get together. we will let you know when for sure.