Saturday, September 24, 2011

Moving Fast

Ever since Matthew started to sit up the past few days, he has been growing exponentially. The new stuff he is learning he can do every day is crazy. His awareness and my realization of how dang smart these babies are has also increased rapidly. Let me say, a personality is coming out and boy is it fun. Here are just a few things.

* Matthew is entertained the longest by books even if he is by himself. He is figuring out how to turn the pages. I am thinking about buying him the Sunday paper. I have a feeling he is going to be THAT kind of person. I mean, don't his eyebrows just even make it better?

* Tonight we learned that bath toys are not as cool as slamming his hands down as hard as he can on the water.

* Yesterday he was laying down on his back on the floor and saw Mike eating. So he tried to pull himself up towards Mike with his mouth wide open. Did I mention this kid LOVES food?

* He has discovered that if he kicks the bathroom door, it comes back to him, and if he does it over and over again he thinks it is really funny.

* He belly laughs when he is in the bouncy seat on the table and you hide under the table and pop up at him. He even tries to lean out of his seat to find you. WHAT? He is so grown up. So smart.

* For naps I cuddle him a bit, and then lay him in the crib on his belly and pat his butt or back for a bit. Sometimes, If I stop patting him, he opens his eyes and turns and just stares at me. When I start to pat him again, he will lay his head down and close his eyes. We play that game sometimes and it is pretty cute.

* My favorite as of today. This is the, "oh, wait, I know how to get attention now", side of Matthew. He banged his mouth on a glass baby food jar and then we saw the face where there is the breath holding to let us know a big yell is coming. So Mike picked him up and matthew stuck his face in Mikes chest and just SOBBED. I mean to the point where I started to tear up. Well then Mike got him to calm down and smile for a few. Matthew then reached for me, and when I took him he wrapped his hands around my neck and put his head into me and started sobbing, again. Well of course I kissed him and rubbed his back and head and was like, "oh, my poor baby." Well then he calmed down, looked at Mike and smiled. He then looked at me and repeated the sobbing again while I kissed and hugged him tight. Well he would then look at Mike and smile, then turn back to me with his face in my shoulder and sob again. By this time I am certain he forgot what he was crying about, but he knew how to get cuddles and kisses from mom. Oh boy! Oh boy!

It was daddy son night last night while I went to a wedding. 

 I wouldn't be surprised if he is involved in the stock market behind our backs.

 YAY for hoodie season. Babies in hoodies. Doesn't get much cuter.

Now that he is mostly sitting up my hip gets a little bit of a break.

Can I just give a shout out to the ears on this kid? I LOVE THEM!

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  1. you went to a wedding alone!? Denise, if you guys ever have something like that you can ask us to watch Matthew-- we do have busy schedules so I can't promise we'd be free-- but we could use the baby training for the future! :) - Anne