Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Tomorrow is the big travel day. 14 plus hours of traveling with just me and a 6 month old. Oh by the way, Matthew is 6 months old today. My stomach is a bit nervous about all of this but I am so excited to travel all at the same time. I just love the airport. I just really hope that the American public does not disappoint me. I pray for people who are not thinking of themselves and don't make Matthew the negative subject of their facebook status after getting off the plane. I pray the American public proves to be a patient group of people that care more about a sweet baby and a mom who is trying really hard rather then thinking they are entitled to only hearing the noise they want to here. I hope people realize that if Matthew is crying, they can just stick their headphones in and maybe pray for a mom that cannot do that and who will probably start crying if even one glare comes her way. Ah. Let us all pray for sweet Matthew's ears to NOT pop and hurt on the way up and down.  THAT would be worse then me getting a few looks. This is about him anyways.


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  1. the lady I used to babysit for said she always nursed/bottled on take off and landing because he'd be drinking and that would naturally help with the pressure changes.

    Good luck and have a great visit!!! ~Anne