Saturday, September 17, 2011

kingdom dreamer: brian alonzo

hey everyone. let me introduce my first featured kingdom dreamer, brian alonzo. and there is no one better to start with as he is my good friend and one of the wisdom givers in my life. he actually writes on this page with his electronic typewriter. and may i add that he writes very beautifully about things like foster parenting and how he loves Jesus but hates religion. he might challenge you a ton if you decide to read what he writes on his typewriter.

one of the things he is pretty passionate about is adulthood, and what it looks like to step into that. I asked him to write a bit about part of what it looks like to be a mature, adult christian. and well, this is what I got.


Growing Up Great-FULL

The degree by which we learn to receive from others can at times be in direct opposition to authentic dependency on God.  It is often viewed as the hand of God's provision that serves our needs.  This is most often true.  Our position in Christ does indeed result in a residual overflow of blessings.  Our mistake in the matter is to believe that this is for our sole consumption.
There is by no means a more debilitating posture than that of want.  To expect God to provide is admirable and vital.  To take one's fill and never transition into the extended hand of out-pour towards others is neglect.
There is a season for brokenness and dependency.  It is God's intent to display our inherent need for his presence.  It is also his intent to embed within our hearts, the needs of others. The purpose of this season is to prepare us to become the blessing.  If we fail to advance past a posture of need we miss the mark. 
Our aim is to grow up and give, great-FULL.
In simple terms:
We need to move past the point of always needing things for ourselves.  Eventually, we need to be the ones providing for the needs others.
God wants your dependency on him to be in direct relationship to the needs of those around you, not your own.

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