Wednesday, September 7, 2011

runny noses

matthew and i have runny noses today.
his runny nose is so sad.
and so are his watery eyes.
i think he took like 6 naps today,
all so short because his stuffy nose kept waking him up.
the poor boy was falling asleep everywhere he was so tired.
he was trying so hard to sleep in his bed for the last nap but his nose kept running when he was flat,
so we strapped on the nifty baby carrier and he passed right out once he was upright and slept so good.
we both loved it.

for being a sick day, this one was great.
it was cold and rainy all day,
we turned the heat on,
and snuggled.
he snuggled so well.
it really ended up being a sweet day,
of reading books, crocheting, watching the food network, and loving each other.
he was really living it up.

im a softy for sick days; probably because my mom was.
ill have to watch out for my kids faking being sick to stay home from school,
because sick days will be the best at this house,
i can promise that.

oh. and this is the cutest childrens book ever.
we totally busted this one out today.
the illustrations are the best of any children's book i have read.

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