Thursday, September 22, 2011

Airport Changes and Prayers PLEASE!

A few thoughts on this topic.

            I LOVE airports so much. There is nothing like chilling with your legs up, listening to music, watching people, writing in a journal, resting your eyes while waiting, all while getting ready to travel somewhere new. How exciting.

           NOW, add a baby who was broken from the pacifier. Oh, and is teething (I think).
           ENTER, Airport Changes in exactly seven days.

First of all. Matthew and I will be flying ALONE. Not to Florida like we were planning to see my dear friend get married. We could not afford that trip. Our hearts hurt declining the invitation. BUT, my sister just booked a ticket for Matthew and I to go out to California to see her for TEN DAYS! Wahoo. This my friends is so exciting.

Back to Airport Changes. In order for money to be saved with parties involved I will be spending about 12 hours in an airport or airplane on the way there, WITH a baby. WITHOUT my husband. THIS, my friends, is terrifying and empowering. This may exceed any travel day experience on the world race; though, let us hope not. ENTER, your prayers please. And Thank You.

My peaceful airport days, do whatever I want, roam and be carefree, don't do anything days, are officially over. That is OK. Just may need some support people. I always said I would never stop traveling once I had babies and I am sticking to it. So here I go, in seven days. Yikes!

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  1. It will be better than travel day in Jerusalem in Jesus' name! Way, way, way better. :)

    Love you sweet friend. I'm so inspired by you. Know that I read every single post... religiously. You and Kisses from Kate. You're teaching me so much.