Thursday, May 5, 2011

who needs to sleep?

so last night after eating, matthew went to sleep and for some reason he made his bedtime midnight and not closer to 8pm like he has been doing. well instead of sleeping i really needed some "me" time. ahhhh. it was good.

             my appetite is crazy like my sons cause im not pregnant and im nursing. i didnt add a pic of the beans i was eating. not as nice of a picture. but i love my new journal bible and tea had to replace wine some one finished off. booo. oh well.

just looking at some old notes i took. i think from Philippians.

and some prayer journal time. interesting prayer for sherry; but it was late and it sounded like fun to feel high on Jesus joy if I were going through cancer treatment. Lets all pray for the tornado victims. My friend is going back home to Alabama and her grandmas house was totally destroyed. gotta be hard to go back to. I have a few friends there, and it just needs lots of loving!!!

and i write this at 5am. meaning matthew slept 5 hours straight. NICE. in his crib too. even better.

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