Tuesday, May 31, 2011

its a bright sun shiny moby day

so matthew takes 3 naps a day and it usually takes me anywhere from 20min to an hr to get him to sleep; that includes crying the whole time and then he wont let me put him down. if i do, he wakes up, and the process starts all over again. ENTER. the MOBY WRAP. seriously. if i had to get rid of every baby item but two things, it would be diapers and the moby wrap. he is currently on his third nap, and he has cried a total of MAYBE 20 minutes today. and that is being generous and including changing his diaper right before i feed him. so seriously. and he sleeps so long in it and i can be hands free and cuddling him at the same time. we have also decided that since matthew cried so much he was burning so many calories, hence, not gaining weight too well. hopefully this helps. it has worked 5 out of 5 times so far. my sister was so excited even with how cute it is and has never felt confident to get him down (i dont blame her) so she used it, he fell asleep and then i was REALLY hands free for a couple hours so mike and i got to go out for ice cream. and of course, i talked the whole time about making my own wraps. i am so excited this is just great. we actually did pray for a baby that liked to cuddle. we sure got one. now its enjoyable.

angela. just rocking the aunt thing with the moby

 michael and I. ever so rested and happy eating ice cream

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