Friday, May 20, 2011

great last day on earth

if some guy made a really great guess that Jesus was coming back tomorrow, id have to say i had a really great day. i got to rollerblade, nap with matthew, tan outside in my bikini, read, eat yummy smoothies, go for a great walk with matthew, practice gentleness, and i kissed my husband. GREAT day.

got to rollerblade with great girls.
sarah and angela picked their own choice of exercise.

sarahs awesome shoes

so get your lawn chairs and cameras ready just incase Jesus comes back. or dont. but if he doesnt come back, i am enjoying blogging so a year from now i can look back on my blog and see what i was doing. i forget so many great memories. it is a great way to diary for me since i love pictures.
and this allows more a picture diary.

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