Friday, May 6, 2011


My day started out rough, so when I finally got Matthew down for a nap, I cried, handed him off to Mike, and went to the cafe down the road. Life is funny. At the coffee shop there were couches and big comfy chairs. NO WAY for this mama. I sit on the couch and comfy rocking chairs enough during the day that they didn't even look comfortable or restful. It felt amazing to sit in a hard chair at a table.

So I just sat down, breathed big breaths and off I went, totally loved on by God. God taught me about 10 lessons in the 2 hours I was there. Ill share 2 of them.

LESSON ONE: I read Hebrews today. In one passage, it talks about how God commands us to rest. Its an actual command. He said that we are disobedient children if we do not take time to rest and just be with him, resting. Wow. What a father in heaven we have. That he knows we need rest so much, that he has put his foot down when it comes to us resting. No ifs, ands or buts about it. REST MY CHILDREN, is what God is saying. Dont be lazy, but rest. I took in every bit of rest while I was there, knowing I was in the perfect will of God, just by resting. He sure loves us and knows what we need.

LESSON TWO: God reminds me every day of the fruits of the spirit. LOVE. JOY. PEACE. PATIENCE. KINDNESS. GOODNESS. FAITHFULNESS. GENTLENESS. and SELF CONTROL. Today he reminded me even more and more of them and that I need to put them more into practice when I am frustrated when Matthew is so unhappy. And let me tell you. He was darn ready for me to practice all of them when I got home; because Matthew has been a very very sad baby today who wont sleep, and it takes everything in me to stay calm and to really truly practice the fruits of the spirit in the heat of the moment. He sure loves to build our character; So I declare that the fruits of the spirit will over power me with a screaming baby and all.

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  1. I have so much trouble with the resting part. What verse is it? I need to write it down, and tape it to my mirror, put it in my car, and keep it close to remind me to take time out of my day, rest, and give Him my thoughts.