Monday, May 9, 2011

happy mothers day

matthew celebrated mothers day for me more on actual mothers day since mike had to work. matthew was a little angel all day. he slept wonderfully and smiled so much. it was perfect. and he decided he loved his stroller and long walks. yippee. however, he did decide to screeeeeeeam near the end of church. but the way i see it, he was shouting, "I LOVE MY MOM. I LOVE MY MOM," over and over again, for the world to hear.
so today mike celebrated mothers day with me. we brought matthew and the stroller to the outdoor mall. mike got me new running shoes because i am cleared to run tomorrow. =) =) and then we strolled around and got some soft pretzels and drinks. matthew loved it, although with a child, outings seem a little more rushed for some reason, but it was great just to get out as our little family. and now that matthew is more aware of the world and tends to like exploring outside of the house, it does make it a little easier. it was a great mothers day times two.

   yay for loving the stroller (if you click on the pictures it enlarges. then you can see his perfect sweet little face even better. i love this one so much)

my perfect little mothers day sleeper and my mothers day flower from church

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