Saturday, May 21, 2011


gentleness. i loved the word. it was a great day. i really felt that Jesus was just being gentle with my spirit all day. i woke up exhausted but as i spoke proclamations, the day already was changing. there was a moment where it took matthew a few attempts to stay sleeping. by the third time i felt my emotions becoming tense. but God reminded me, and as i made my tone gentle and i stroked his face with gentleness, we had a deep sleeping baby moments later.

my prayer life, still pitiful; though i got to skype a long bit with my friend in san francisco and she had many life updates and so she got a shout out to God from matthew and i as she is back in the states after a long time of not being here.

at the end of each chapter of "God Crazy" there is a devotional. one of the questions is "when was the last time you worried about what God thinks of a situation before worrying about what other people think?" too often i worry about what other people will think. that should change.

the song today was actually the song that i walked down the aisle to in my wedding. it so beautiful. i couldn't really find a good video, so you get pictures of wildfires. i love the words for a wedding and its great to sing to a baby before bed too.

i had such a peaceful time painting on day 2. i always think of the holy spirit when i think of gentleness which is represented in the bible as a dove. the kids paints sure sure make it look like a kid painted. its so awesome.

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