Monday, May 16, 2011

hope 'n motion

meet bambi.
            shes the taller one with the glasses.

        bambi has traveled to so many places and met many people....
each with a story.

she has seen the reality of poverty......
                                 and she can't tolerate it anymore. 

now this is bambi with a talent and a dream.

driven by her compassionate heart...
     bambi is now using her crafty hands and creative mind to change the world.

with lots of work, i am so excited to say....
Hope 'n Motion is here. 

"Hope 'n Motion is a mix of photographs, aprons, quilts, bags, and any other thinkable hand-made fabric product, all of which a portion of the proceeds will go directly to support charities locally and world-wide that assist in helping those in poverty." - bambi-

check it out people. she makes adorable stuff. and it is for a wonderful cause.
i personally received a hope n motion mommy bag and i love it. 

so proud of you bambi.
to God be the Glory

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