Tuesday, May 31, 2011

my brilliant grandma

so i rode with my parents to have matthew meet his great grandma and grandpa bickel yesterday. (the car ride is always an adventure with that boy) oh. he loved them. really loved them. ive never heard him be so vocal with his coos then when he was looking at them. it was awesome.

well these grandparents are amazing. my dad figured that including their children and their children's spouses, and their grand kids and their great grand kids (matthew is number 11 in the greats) there are about 70 loved ones over all. and my grandma sends out a card for every anniversary, big holiday, birthday, mothers/fathers day, etc.

well i think it was getting a little much to keep up easily with so many people. so my grandma is brilliant. she has a slot system with numbers 1-31 written on each slot. at the beginning of each month she writes out all the cards that need to be sent out that month and puts it in the slot for the date that card applies to so when it comes time to send that card, she just pulls it right out and puts it in the mail. gotta love that lady.

  the slot system

matthews great grandma bickel. shes a spunky one when she wants to be. 8 kids will do that to yuh.

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