Thursday, May 12, 2011


i never used to read many blogs, or do much on the computer. but now that i have a son who doesn't like to be put down when he is napping, sometimes it is one thing that i can do. i have really started to enjoy reading blogs. typically the ones where it is short and sweet and to the point. mostly the ones about normal people living normal life that give good ideas of ways to enjoy life. like fun dates, recipes, cute outfits, and things to do. and i like missionary blogs. those are just crazy normal people who have not normal things happen to them a lot. and i like pictures. lots of pictures. but blogs can really mess us up. we can easily start living through other people, thinking to ourselves, "wow, what a cool life they have." but as a blogger, it is so easy to just represent a small window of our day, and make ourselves seem way cooler than we really are; therefore, the reason i write this post. to tell you i am not that cool really. yeah i have done a lot. i really have had lots of awesome travels and life experience and now i have a baby. but i dont always walk it out so gracefully as it may seem. and i am not always so positive. and pictures do not always speak a thousand words. i could take one happy picture, but really, as a whole, it could be one of the worst days of my life. so as i give you little moments of my day remember i am very not cool. much of my day can be quite not that exciting to most people as my sweet matthew doesnt like to nap unless i hold him (for the most part. right now he is sleeping quite nice next to me) so that is much of my day, where i am sitting on the couch with a sore elbow or helping him practice sleeping in his own bed; although, loving him every minute of it.

i actually do love my life. and here is my ultimate favorite blog i read. and im kinda picky. i dont waste time on ones that lose me too quickly.
its about a girl who moved alone to uganda straight out of high school, not a few years later is a mama to over 10 african children and is living that real crazy missionary life. the blog is full of extreme joy, and extreme sorrow, and insane adventure and stories that will blow your mind. i highly recommend you read it from the beginning. just remember, dont live through her. i did that, and it only made compare myself to her in an unhealthy way.  love you all.

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