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Repentance is far too deep of a personal action to grasp in a day. Repentance is more than sorry. This is the example I thought of today. It is like a husband, who out of anger, hits his wife for the first time (or the other way to stay PC). But this man, comes to his senses and realizes what he just did. He scarred his wife; physically and emotionally. He realizes how much he loves her and there is this deep hurt, pain and sorrow he has, that he feels like he cannot live with himself anymore. He would do anything to take it back and to have his wife's full heart again.
Repentance is realizing the depth of our sin and what it does, asking for forgiveness and never doing it again; because we don't want to do it again. I cannot grasp it. But I want to understand so deeply the fact that my sins put Jesus on the cross. He did it willingly. I have not murdered or anything, but the smallest lie is big enough to put him on the cross.  Thank Jesus that he freely forgives and says he will remember our sin no more. I want to realize the weight of my sins and be able to repent to Jesus and others. Repentance is a beautiful gift from the Lord because it frees us from shame and makes us whole again with a fresh start. within the next day i have some repenting to do to a few people.

Or do you show contempt for the riches of his kindness, tolerance and patience, not realizing that God's kindness leads you toward repentance? Romans 2:4



"We still work hard to maintain a sense that all is well, if not perfect, but we invest in a life that is far less then the one God designed for us."

"We are created to rise above the everyday pressures of this life. The storms will come and the trials will continue, but until we see ourselves as God does - beautiful, significant, capable, precious, and worthy - how we respond to and survive these trials will not change"


day one of painting was so awesome. it started out with some really great company.
sarah's painting was inspired by ireland and angela isnt quite in the picture.

my painting. not so beautiful of one but it is more of a representation of what is going on in my life.


the start to my daily proclamations was pitiful. i was not saying anything like i believed it. i hope to progress to the confidence where i want to shout it from the highest place because i claim it so much. i looked up an already written proclamation based off of biblical truth which helped me. here is just a sample of it. 

I receive an abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness; therefore I reign in life through Jesus Christ. I choose what Jesus came to give me — life and that more abundantly!!! (John 10:10) I open my ears to hear what the Spirit of God is saying to me and live under His influence in my life. He will guide me into all truth. (John 16:13) The same Spirit that raised my Lord Jesus from the dead lives in me. (Romans 8:11) I have an anointing abiding in me and teaching me all things. (1 John 2:27) Because I am anointed, I will preach the gospel where I go in word and in deed. Signs and wonders shall follow me, because I am a believer. I expect the supernatural! I expect God to use me!

matthew loved the proclamations. he was cooing when i was saying them, and he is usually too busy to coo during nursing. he was totally in agreement.


as i had my prayer time, i realized i was so praying out of obligation and religious routine and not out of realization that i was connecting to God. THE God. the creator of the universe. i cannot wait to see my prayer life develop more. it cannot remain this pitiful.

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