Wednesday, May 18, 2011

michaels day of rest

today michael had the day off. so i told him to not do a thing. i wanted him to do a bunch of stuff for himself. he agreed and was happy to do it. at the end of the day i realized that he made me pancakes for breakfast, made my lunch, cooked an amazing dinner, cleaned, and went out and bought me paints for my 40 day journey. seriously? i just had the most restful day. he said he enjoyed his day because he enjoys doing things for me. amazing man.

 spending the day making me food. love him.

i get this lil guy all day. so blessed.

gotta love the paint supplies michael bought me. 
he loved the great grips on the brushes.
these are gonna be some professional art pieces. 
get ready people. 
i start tomorrow.

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