Thursday, January 19, 2012


Sometimes I take way too many showers.

Sometimes my husband sees that I am on pinterest and comes over and types "funny" in the search box and we stay up WAY to late laughing hysterically. That was last night and we were not precious people in the morning.

Sometimes I think its cute when Matthew smiles at me when I say no. Sometimes I don't think it is so cute.

Sometimes I eat way too many avocados.

Sometimes I still listen to the Slum dog Millionaire soundtrack.

Sometimes I LOVE to exercise.

Sometimes my husband and I get not much done at night because we talk too much. (lots of the time)

I love having a niece to play dress up with, and to wrap my apron around her to make a little dress and to put her in all my crocheted pieces. Having a son helps me to relive my childhood a bit because we were really active and fearless, but having a niece really lets me relive my childhood, well, because we loved our little dresses and teacups for sure. How precious is my little niece, Emily Jane?!?!


  1. sometimes, i'm absolutely obsessed with you.

    1. D to the Ina. I have been thinking about you soooo much this week. I need to be skyping you.